Wild in the Streets – Cybergoths join the fray!

Wild in the Streets is a fast play skirmish game of youth subcultures. Grab yourself a bunch of delinquents, ne’er-do-wells, or simply misunderstood and frustrated individuals as they take to the streets. Given the rules are free, there is no reason not to check them out.

Following on from it’s initial release Slow Death Games now have a variety of gangs to whet your appetite for a spot of gang based dust-ups. There’s a plethora of skinheads, goths, straight-edge, and metal-heads, oh and a nifty roller-derby team too! On top of those, there’s also a selection of individual personalities and the start of a very nice range of scenics.

This Kickstarter then, introduces the cybergoths. Having smashed the, admittedly small, target, you can still pledge for a set of these new figures. $25 will net you these three figures along with stat cards for use in Wild in the Streets. I’m also thinking that these will be useful for a number of near future cyberpunk-esque games that have recently doing the rounds. Heck, I’m also thinking that they’d make great HVT models for Infinity.

I’ve not seen these in the ‘wild’ (pun potentially intended), given they’re just being kickstarted, but a friend was involved in painting up some of the range for the Salute Demo Table. The casting on those was tip top so would expect similar from these.

Have you tried out Wild in the Streets yet? If it’s something that takes your fancy you should definitely check out their Facebook group. Despite the somewhat violent nature of the game, it’s a surprisingly friendly place… As always though, you can leave your comments below or join us on our Tabletop Games UK Facebook page.

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