Flags of War Kickstarter – 1745 Government Troops

Following a successful previous campaign to launch a new line of Jacobite figures, Flags of War are bringing more troops to the fray. This time round, we see the spotlight shone on the the Government forces to see off the Jacobean uprising.

In campaign dress to reflect the weather of late Scottish summer through to spring, it won’t be ‘taps aff’. Instead, we’ll see troops at less than parade best, buttoned up and braving the worst of what the hills and glens can throw at you. This is period that the owner claims to be passionate about and it shows in the detail and research throughout.

The Campaign

There are five packs currently listed as available during the campaign. We’ve got Government Command (Officer, Drummer, and two Ensigns), Infantry Firing, Infantry Reloading, Grenadiers Firing, Highlander Command, and Highlanders Marching.

Whilst my days of kidding myself that I can get round to painting and playing big regimental games in 28mm are over, these look fantastic for skirmish projects also. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there will be many who will be snaffling these up in numbers given the quality. The fact that they have so much character, and it’s a period of significance for me, has me very tempted.

The Jacobites return at a discounted price!

As if that wasn’t enough, the campaign also sees a discounted price for the existing packs. If there’s anything you’ve had your eye on then you can add extras as you pledge. To round everything out, there’s more top notch flags to add that authenticity to your gaming table.

To whom will you be pledging you sword? You can see more from Flags of War on their website or over on their Facebook page. Let us know what you think of the campaign below or join us over on the Tabletop Games UK Facebook page for more discussion.

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