Tiny Wargames “Tiny Roads and Rivers” Kickstarter

Taking your tabletops to the next level!

You invest hours in painting your miniatures. You invest hours making and painting your terrain. But what really brings your battlefield to life is a battlemat. This is where the company Tiny Wargames steps in!

Four years ago Richard Thomas Bailey combined his sign printing business with his passion for miniature gaming. Tiny Wargames was born, and has since earnt its reputation as an industry leader for variety, quality and price.

Stalingrad in Winter for Bolt Action (28mm scale)

Tiny Wargames make a huge range of battlemats to suit all scales and environments. Their online store has everything from the scorching heat of the desert to the depths of space. They also offers a bespoke custom design and printing service. Any design you can think of, in any scale, can be produced by their design team. The design team are also receptive to input from customers.

Below are two mats that I suggested to them that are now available on their store!

Bombed out Railyard in 28mm for Bolt Action
Temple grounds including Koi Pond and Zen Garden in 28mm for Test of Honour

But, there’s always a but!

There is a problem with battlemats, once you have the mat that’s it, you’re done. You may be able to move terrain around but the battlemat’s layout will never change. Fortunately, Tiny Wargames are leading the way again with their “Tiny Roads and Rivers” Kickstarter. The goal is to produce a range of designs for roads and rivers that will be printed onto cloth. The cloth can be cut at home and the roads/rivers used to dramatically alter any battlemat.

Tiny Wargames’ goal is to be able to offer players a degree of flexibility with their battlemats. This will significantly increase their options for creating a custom tabletop environment. By printing onto a single piece of cloth the costs are significantly reduced. The material has also been thoroughly tested to ensure that fraying isn’t an issue.

I possess several battlemats from Tiny Wargames and can highly recommend them. The cloth is very durable, machine washable and you can iron it! If you’re considering investing in a battlemat Tiny Wargames is definitely a place to look.

For more information about the Tiny Roads and Rivers KickStarter check out the link here.

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  1. They may look great. having to rely on PayPal disputes or credit card claims to get money back for orders that are not fulfilled is the reality

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