Until the Bitter End

Small Unit Combat in World War 2

Games designer and artist Matt White has already completed several successful KickStarter campaigns. Today sees the launch of his latest, Until The Bitter End, which is the second in the series. Whilst the first focused on British Paratroopers this new release is focused on the United States Airborne Division.

Everything you need to play that comes with the basic pledge

I struggle to find some spare time, and often someone to play against so I find Matt’s work especially appealing


As a digital graphics designer Matt has an incredible talent for art which shines through all of his work. In all of his previous games releases every single piece of art is unique and created by Matt himself. This means that visually the games really are a thing of beauty.


The Until the Bitter End series are print and play which means there are no million dollar stretch goals. For less than the cost of pint you can get yourself a very playable game.


Matt has designed an easy to learn set of rules which enable you to set up and play in less than an hour. As with all good rule sets they are easy to learn but there is plenty of depth to master. Matt has also written a set of Solitaire rules which are very easy to implement and very challenging! If you’re playing this solo don’t expect to sit back with a brew and relax! The AI will come for you and will do so aggressively and intelligently!


So many of my favorite table top games deal with squads and platoons and even larger multiples of troops. Matt takes us in the other direction. In Until the Bitter End each counter is a single soldier. Each soldier can have their own unique skill set and weapon. When they die you feel the loss of every one.


  • Space – you don’t need a 6′ x 4′ table to play Until the Bitter End. A decent sized tray or coffee table will be plenty which makes the games eminently portable. Perfect if you’re going on holiday and just know you’re going to want to scratch that gaming itch!
  • No limits! Just because the game deals with combat at an individual soldier level don’t let that stop you. The beauty of print and play is that you can scale this up to as a battle as you want!
How the game looks in play

Matt has given us a game that is quick and easy to learn and is incredibly good value for money. In my opinion it’s an absolute must have for anyone who enjoys World War 2 games. All you need is access to a colour printer (or the one in work if the boss isn’t looking) and a fiver!

The Kickstarter can be found HERE and it goes live at 8PM this evening (BST)

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