Iliada Game Studios – 6mm buildings review

painted examples of iliada game studios 6mm mediterranean laser-cut card buildings

The MED1 Mediterranean Set from Iliada Game Studio allows you to build twelve 6mm scale buildings in four different designs with – as the name implies – a Mediterranean feel to them.  They can also be mixed and matched with each other to make all sorts of combinations and shapes of buildings.  Now let’s take a closer look at them.

A Look at Components

These are laser-cut 1mm cardstock.  This means that the full set fits into a tiny shipping space that saves you money on shipping.  And this is important, because Iliada is based in Turkey.  The card quality is good, and, despite the buildings’ lightness, the finished products are robust.

The designs are simple, but effective.  6mm gaming is necessarily broad brush, so you don’t need to pack a ton of detail in.  And if you’d like even less detail (or just some minor variety) you can assemble them with the etched detail on the inward side, presenting an entirely plain exterior.

Assembling the Buildings

Assembly is quick and easy as the buildings are all basic rectangles, with variation achieved by mixing up the sets to get varied shapes.  All of the buildings have a good lip on the top to allow you to place miniatures on the roofs to indicate building occupation.  It’s slightly disappointing that design C isn’t fractionally smaller to allow it to nest inside the roof lip of design A, and that design B, again, isn’t quite small enough to nest inside design C.  Design D sits comfortably on the roof of any of the designs of building.

It’s worth pointing out that the doors are two-part and require basic assembly, and also that they are intended to go anywhere on the exterior wall, covering one or two windows, depending on the building.  Again, it’s a shame that there is only one design of door – it would have seemed little additional effort to make a slightly different shape of door for each building design.  The doors do provide thematic consistency, but at the same time do seem a bit “copy/paste”.

If you want to give the buildings a bit more individual character, you do get some left-over sprue bits after you’ve finished assembly.  These can be added to roofs and to walls to give the impression of air-con units or just a sense of individuality to each building.  Be warned, though: plan where to put these (if you do) quite carefully.  I positioned some of mine in just the right place to make stacking the buildings exceptionally difficult and have, therefore, accidentally reduced my options for variety.

Still, I think the additions give the buildings a lot more character.

(The big letters, by the way, came from a pack of wooden letters I picked up at The Works discount store for £1.50)

Overall Impressions

The buildings, due to their cardstock manufacture, are extremely light, which makes them prone to knocking and shifting during play.  You can choose to base them to make them heavier but lose the ability to stack them.  Or you can – as I have – glue pennies inside them to give the buildings a little more heft and stop them wandering off.

As for painting, they take paint well, without visible absorption – largely, thanks to the fact that the cardstock from which they are made has a matt white finish.  They have very little texture, though, so you might like to use a grainy primer spray to give them just a little “bite” for paint.  However, with some plastic to put glass in the windows, some stippling and a bit of graffiti, they look ready for the table.  I’m sure, if you had time and inclination, you could add more colour, decoration and texture with some card offcuts and scrap pieces of wire etc.

Compared to similar products on the market, such as the 6mm range from Blotz, for example, Iliada’s products are towards the more basic endless fancy, but also far easier to assemble, cheaper to ship and (an important saving grace) only $15.00 (£12.00 at time of writing).

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DISCLAIMER: Iliada provided a review sample of this product.

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