Fenris Games Putrescent Kickstarter: The Cauldron Warband

There are only 6 days left to go on this Kickstarter from the talented & powerful hands of Fenris Games, which features a gem-like yet vile host of 28mm warriors & beasts perfectly suited for anyone with a predilection for the infected and rotten.

Rancid dwarves, spell-casters, trolls and the titular cauldron in metal or resin for larger creatures, are amongst the offerings available to adherents of the less fastidious gods. Great for fans of the Oldhammer style, or perhaps as the core of an Otherworld army in Saga: AOM. Check it out, but cover your mouth and nose with a posset of herbs before you do.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts below or join in with the discussion over on the Facebook page.

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