The three little hedge-pigs and the big bad wulver.

Oakbound Studios have dropped a short little Kickstarter to help release a handful of new miniatures for The Woods (you can check out my review). In here we’ve got a wulver (wolf man type) and three badger riding pixies!

Consisting of seven separate single-piece castings there are a number of different options to help flesh out your Woods forces. These little fellas could also prove useful for providing distinctive flavour to your role-playing games or other fantasy skirmishes.

This is a short campaign with a small target (over half way there at last check) to help keep the support coming. Oakbound fell foul of a third party and rather than put a hold on new miniature releases, Kickstarter is providing an ideal platform for releases in the short term.

I like that the hedge-pig pixies can be based as infantry should that be your preference. They’re based on 30mm bases in the pictures shown though, so these will be quite small cavalry. However, that said, that’s perfectly in keeping with the idea! Having been picking up bits and pieces to do a fae-themed skirmish force for simple games with the wee ones, these look like they could be just the ticket. There are no stretch goals at the minute but there’s already a few people who are badgering for a mustelid-only option. I’m sorry but I couldn’t help try and force that pun in there…

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