Modern AGE Threefold Quickstart now available

For anyone that wasn’t able to make it to the friendly local game store during Free RPG Day, Green Ronin have you sorted. You can now pick up the new and shiny PDF version of the Modern AGE Threefold quickstart for free!

I was originally drawn to the system from the news of the World of Lazarus setting. On a side note, if you haven’t heard of Rucka and Lark’s Lazarus, you should do yourself a favour and rectify that. Getting to grips with the system I liked the simple dice mechanics and stunt system; it gives players a lot of creative freedom in their actions. Since then we’ve had the popular Expanse release, based on the acclaimed science fiction series, and now we get the chance to visit an original setting.

Burning brighter… across the threefold metacosm

The rules included here are easy to follow and a great introduction to the stunt system. I obviously won’t spoil any of the adventure. This for me though is a great intro into the Threefold setting. Reviewing the Modern Age Companion I commented on how I’d love to see more magic and ‘weird’ stuff. Well, Green Ronin has managed to cram loads in here. My heads spinning with all these new terms so I’ll need to sit down with a cuppa and have a proper digest later.

Have you had the chance to play this yet or are you planning on a game soon? It’s definitely high up on ‘to play’ list to try and initiate more folks into the system. Let me know your thoughts below or over on our Facebook page.

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