A Return to Warmachine

My local club has decided to get back into playing Warmachine and as I have miniatures for it and used to enjoy playing it I thought why not. Not that when questioned I could remember a whole lot about the rules.  But as a lot of the players haven’t ever played before I don’t feel I have an advantage.

The thing is that I know everything has been updated, I know the timeline has moved on, rules have changed.  I’ll need new cards, there is the whole meta thing that I rarely pay attention too.  But it still let me fairly lost.  In fact, I got my miniatures out most still unpainted from last time and had to search on the Privateer Press store to work out what I had. Then had to go hunting for what I could use.

Helpful Resources

If like me you’re getting back into the game the following resources are going to help.

Rule Book – Free to download and a copy is in the new Battle boxes.

Cards – You can download all of them from here for free.

Latest Update – Any changes to the rules.

Theme lists – Pretty much what it says.

My Warcaster of choice is going to be Magnus the Warlord, I know he’s not everyone’s choice, I know many will say you should be using X Warcaster because of the new meta.  But I have the model painted, I like his style and I rarely go for what is the optimal list as its all for fun. Now Magnus can take 28pts worth of Warjacks points for Free and as we are starting with just the boxes that’s my hard limit.  So this is where I hit my first sort of snag.  Magnus used to be boxed with a Mangler (15pts), Renegade (10pts), Talon (7pts) so that’s 32pts and it puts me over.  Even if I went for him in his Traitor guise I’d still be 2 points over.

What do I use?

So what do I do, this is where I am honestly a bit in the dark and hoping the community/readers will throw out suggestions.  I might later change my Warcaster as the league develops.  But for now Magnus is my man.  So I have to find Warjacks that fit into that points limit.  The old idea used to be 2 light and one Heavy, now is that still a thing?  Is 3 light okay?  I mean after all I’ll be against other players with the same sort of points as me, extra fun comes later when we add in more points.

My Current available miniatures are.

Magnus (Warcaster)
Kayazy Assasin Unit (6)
Kayazy Assasin underboss
Gorman Di wulfe (Solo)
Harlan Vash (Solo)
Ragman (Solo)
Orin Midwinter (Solo)
Rhupert Carvolo (Solo)
Stannis Brocker (Solo)
Stealhead Halberdiers Unit (6)
Dirty Meg (Solo)
Greygore Boomhowler Unit (6)

Vanguard (Light Warjack)
Talon (Light Warjack)
Renegade (Light Warjack)
Nomad (Heavy Warjack)
Mangler (Heavy Warjack)
Mule (Heavy Warjack)
Freebooter (Heavy Warjack)


So Tokens and such, any recommendations, who makes the best bling for your buck? What other things should I be laying my hands on to make my life easier as well? Are there sites or Youtube’s that people watch to help with ideas, tactics. This I’m hoping the community can help me with.

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  1. Welcome back to Warmachine. I hope you’ll have fun, and it’s good that there are several of you starting / coming back at the same time.

    If you’re looking for a list-building tool, you can use the official Warroom 2 app from Privateer Press, or there’s Conflict Chamber (https://conflictchamber.com/) which is kept very well up to date.

    2 lights and 1 heavy is still a fairly standard starter box loadout, but there is a bit more variation (Cryx have 2 heavies and a light, Khador has 2 heaviers, Legion have 2 heavies and 2 lessers, Trollbloods have 3 lights).

    With the warjacks you’ve listed you’ve got bit of flexibility.
    – Nomad (12) + Freebooter (9) + Talon (7) = 28pts (2 heavies, 1 light)
    – Freebooter (9) + Renegade (10) + Talon (7) = 26pts (1 heavy, 2 lights)
    – Freebooter (9) + Vanguard (10) + Talon (7) = 26pts (1 heavy, 2 lights, but the Vanguard is pretty durable)
    – Mangler (15) + Nomad (12) = 27pts (2 heavies)

  2. Thanks for the Info, really handy and good to see that my options aren’t limited.

    I have my first game this evening, Caster plus Warjacks so I think I’m going with the Renegade, Buccaneer and Talon. My hope is the Renegade can knock something down and the nice ability the Buccaneer has will help keep it down.

    I guess we shall see 🙂

      • Well first game last night and I did manage a win. Though I lost both the Talon and Buccaneer to the enemy Warcaster in CC. But I did find the Buccaneer and Renegade combo to be amazingly effective. One puts something down the other one comes in and well mashes them into the ground 🙂

        Need to remember to keep my caster blockled to stop him from being charged as almost had a nasty moment. Also read your cards, i didn’t notice that Magnus had Field Marshal Unyielding till my Talon was almost a pile of scrap.

        Lessons learn’t, tips taken and ideas for a new post 🙂

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