Black Seas are Coming!

Warlord Games Black Seas Sailing Into Stores Later This Year!

Strike the Colours! Batten down the hatches! Splice the mainbraces! Naval wargaming in the golden age of horse and musket is coming! Welcome to Black Seas from Warlord Games.

At Salute this year Warlord Games teased their forthcoming release Black Seas. Black Seas will be the naval counterpart to Black Powder, Warlord’s 28mm muskets and horses wargame set between 1700 – 1900.

I had the chance to chat to Warlord’s staff at this year’s UK Games Expo about the forthcoming release.

What can we expect to see at launch?
A two player set containing British and French ships (3 brigs and 3 frigs a side) plus everything else you need to play.

What will the models be like?
The models will be all plastic in around 1:700 scale. We have plans to make parts of the hulls interchangeable (mostly the stern) so that you can swap your ships up.

How will the game be supported?
We plan on producing a full range of miniatures from gunboats to 1st class ships of the line as well as some interesting terrain features.

How will the game play?
The core mechanics, wakes and things will be familiar to Cruel Seas players. For Black Seas we have to add in things like wind, it’s effect on movement as well as different types and allocation of damage etc.

Ships under sail at Salute 2019


From launch players will be able to play everything from small scale skirmishes to major fleet battles should they wish. We have also placed an emphasis on fun. Players will be able to add in certain mythical denizens of the deep should they choose to do so and who knows maybe a pirate or two!

If you want to keep up to date with the latest news from Black Seas keep an eye on Warlord Games’s Black Seas FAQ which can be found here.

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