Company of Heroes Countdown is On!

Bad Crow Games’ port of the classic World War 2 game Company of Heroes enters its final 7 days!

With a D-Day anniversary launch, much like the Allied invasion, Bad Crow’s KickStarter is going from strength to strength. The KickStarter has already raised a whopping $523,795 against their $100,000 target! A huge amount of stretch goals have already been unlocked! With backers being involved in stretch goal decisions everyone is getting a say in how the campaign is moving forward.

This free add on is available to any one who has already backed a core pledge or any new backer in the next 24 hours

Shown below are some of the unlocked stretch goals as well as an idea of others still to come. On top of the core set contents that’s a huge amount of miniatures! Not shown, but already unlocked, are the very important insert organizers. The organizers will be essential in keeping all of those bendy barrels and miniatures safe from day one!

Items still to be unlocked include additional 3-D terrain and a Stalingrad mat!

For more information then check out our previous article here.

If you want to dive right in and back Company of Heroes check out Bad Crow’s KickStarter here.

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