Ancient war-band combat in SPQR!

With an expected release in July, Warlord now have the rules for their new game SPQR up for pre-order. Heralded as lightning fast, and easy to play, SPQR gives us the opportunity to fight anything from border clashes and vanguard skirmishes, to raiding your neighbours farms.

Are you a skirmish war-gamer looking to scratch that classical or ancient itch? With the promise of a campaign system to see your war band gain glory and experience over the course of your battles, this seems like it will battle for a place in that niche.

To whom will you pledge your sword?

Warlord have given us the list of nations and city states from which we can muster our forces. Stretching from the Gauls in the north west through to the Persians in the east, it appears you can fight your way across Europe and the Mediterranean.

SPQR Rule Book and Battlefield Sacrifice Miniature from Warlord Games

If the rules in SPQR aren’t enough for you, Warlord also have a starter box planned. A Clash of Heroes is filled with 70 miniatures (taken from the Caesarian Roman and Gallic Celtic ranges) as well as a softback copy of the rules. All this and the usual essential gubbins for an RRP of just £40.

We’ll no doubt get more info as the release date approaches but I for one consider my interest piqued. Having a range of suitable 28mm figures that are currently sitting unused I’m eager to learn more.

What about you? Does this seem like SPQR could be for you? Join in the discussion over on our Facebook page.

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