Elder Scrolls – A Call to You!

An opportunity for you to shape one of the biggest upcoming games releases!

Chris Birch mentioned in his interview at the UK Games Expo that Modiphius would soon be reaching out to the gaming community and giving them the opportunity to shape the Elder Scrolls – A Call to Arms from the very start!

Well, that survey has landed and it’s a monster.

The survey can be found here and if, like me, you are in any way passionate about tabletop gaming and the Elder Scrolls world of Tamriel then this is an amazing opportunity to have your say on how the game will be developed and is well worth taking the time to complete.

We’re being given the opportunity to shape everything from faction choices, scenery (types and material), gaming mats to other accessories and gaming modes of play.

We will be following the news for Elder Scrolls – A Call to Arms closely. Later this week we will have some more reveals of the first set of prototype miniatures which were on display at this years’ UK Games Expo!

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