Elder Scrolls – A Call to Arms Q&A with Chris Birch

Exclusive news from this year’s UK Games Expo regarding gaming giant Modiphius’ Elder Scrolls – A Call to Arms.

As well as getting a sneak glance at some of the new figures we will see in Wave 1 I also had the opportunity to ask Modiphius founder, Chris Birch, some questions about their forthcoming release.

Chris was fortunately able to squeeze me into a very busy schedule. The big news is that he confirmed that dragons will indeed be part of their plans for future releases! Below are answers to some of the hottest questions we all want answered:

Q&A with Chris Birch

Q: When can we expect Elder Scrolls – Call to Arms to be released?
A: Sometime around November/December but we definitely want a pre-Christmas release.

Q: What will be in the starter set?
A: We will be releasing a two player starter set containing 17 miniatures divided between Stormcloaks, Imperials and Draugr. Of course, there will be full rules and everything you need to play.

Q: What can we expect to see in terms of the wildlife of Tamriel?
A: We will be planning to release many creatures that players of the PC games will be familar with such as spiders, atronachs, dwemer constructs and of course dragons!

Q: Dragons?! What can we expect?
A: Well dragons will most likely be special order pieces but they will be big, beautiful and deadly.

Q: You’ve released some amazing scenery kits for Fallout – Wasteland Warfare. What can we expect for Elder Scrolls – A Call to Arms?
A: We will be supporting the game with a range of scenery. Watch this space for a survey being sent out to the community in the coming weeks to find out what players really want us to release!

Q: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers about the game?
A: Well, every figure will have a fully detailed, scenic base. The game can be played fully co-op or solo and players will be able to play a very story-driven, narrative campaign as I believe the future in gaming lies in co-operative play – everyone gets to play a role, take part and you don’t have that competitive win at all costs mentality where someone walks away a loser.

There you have it, folks – some exclusive insights from Modiphius’ founder, Chris Birch given at the UK Games Expo. To ensure you don’t miss out on future news and announcements, be sure to follow us on Facebook!

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