Company of Heroes Board Game Hits Kickstarter

Incoming fire!

One of the most popular World War 2 PC strategy games is being brought to a tabletop near you! Stand to attention for the Company of Heroes Board Game.

5th June 1944 saw the order given for Operation Overlord to go ahead. 75 years later Bad Crow Games went live with their kickstarter for the PC port of Relic’s award winning PC strategy game – Company of Heroes.

In less than 3 hours they smashed their initial funding target of $100,000 and are well on their way to $500,000. All with 20 days still to go! This feat is extraordinary compared to other board games! To achieve a goal this big at this rate! Really amazing!


The box and contents of the Company of Heroes Board Game core set.

The core set contains forces for 4 nations – USA, Germany, Britain and the USSR. Early bird backers are getting a Ferdinand Tank Destroyer and a unit of USA Pathfinders. Stretch goals are being utterly obliterated with more units being added to the core set each day.

Is this game for you?

If you enjoyed the original PC game and like tabletop games then this is definitely for you! If you liked the PC game but have never played a tabletop game then this is PROBABLY for you. The same goes if you have never played the PC game but like your World War 2 tabletop games.

The Company of Heroes Board Game offers a fast-playing (60-90 minute) WW2 hybrid game that has a mix of resource management, strategy and miniature combat. All of this is managed via assorted dice used to track everything from unit damage and special abilities to resources.

An in-game image showing the setup of a USA player within the Company of Heroes Board Game.
An example of the USA player’s setup

Interested? Then head over and check out Bad Crow Games’ Company of Heroes Board Game kickstarter before it’s too late!

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