Six-Gun Showdown Kickstarter Launch

Six Gun Shootout Launch Promo Image

This Thursday, June 6, at 6 pm, Bake Battle and Roll board games cafe ( will launch Redwell Games’ latest game “Six Gun Showdown”.

Showcased and much anticipated at UKGames Expo last weekend, this is a fast playing game of Wild West shootouts created in Sheffield.

Bake, Battle and Roll café owner James Whitehouse lays out the game basics:

“It’s a quickfire card game based on the idea of a Wild West shoot-out. When someone reveals a ‘draw’ card, it triggers a rapid ‘snap’ – like game element which mimics the physical element of a pistol quick-draw situation. You can play as a range of different characters with different skills.
“It’s a game that we know will appeal to a lot of our customers because it’s easy and quick to pick up, but challenging enough to stay interesting. We’re play-testing it with my 8-year-old daughter at the moment and she’s loving it.”

His partner Rachel Savage added: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have been chosen as the venue for the launch of this exciting new game. It’s particularly special because all the components of the game have been designed and made here in South Yorkshire.”

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Game designer Tom Lovewell said: “There’s already a lot of local interest in the game, and it got a lot of attention at UK Games Expo this weekend, so I’m really excited to launch the campaign and get production underway.”

Six-Gun Showdown comes in a pocket-sized deck-of-cards format, with players assuming famous (or notorious) Western archetypes such as the Derringer-wielding Madam & the sharp-dressed Riverboat gambler.

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The event starts at 6 pm on June 6, with demo games and a short tournament at Bake, Battle and Roll on Wood Street, Doncaster. All attendees will receive a smaller fully playable promo-version of the game.

We’ve played a couple of rounds of Six-Gun Showdown, and can confirm that repeated play may result in outbreaks of saloon-door swinging, prolonged close-ups on grizzled squinting, milk-drinking, and potential hat-wearing.

The Kickstarter for Six-Gun Showdown will be going live at 6pm 6/6/2019,

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