Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms – Wave One Revealed

Aav Dilon!

Some of the miniatures for the first wave of Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms have been unveiled! The images show them all to be resin, pre-production casts but they all look as good as their digital counterparts.

First up we have Skeleton Archers. These are a staple of the Elder Scrolls series and feature a lot in the low-level dungeons of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Another staple of Skyrim’s dungeons is the Draugr, ancient nordic undead warriors. Below, are three Draugr led by one of the most powerful undead in Skyrim, a Deathlord

Thankfully, the first wave of miniatures doesn’t just feature undead. Players will have the option to represent one of the two primary factions in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The Imperial Legion, or The rebellious Stormcloaks.

The Imperial Legion miniatures shown feature three imperial soldiers accompanied by an imperial mage. These are led by the infamous Hadvar. Hadvar is the first Imperial you interact with in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, saving you from the jaws of a fearsome dragon. It’s great to see him brought to life in such a high level of detail.

The Stormcloaks set contains three Stormcloak warriors and two named characters. The first is Ralof who, similar Hadvar, is the first Stormcloak you interact with in the video game. The second character is Yrsarald Thrice-Pierced, a higher-up among the Stormcloaks stationed in Windhelm.

Below are some images taken by our very own Alan Bates at the UK Games Expo 2019. The images really show how nice the miniatures are going to be. Thus, we just had to share them with you!

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