Games Workshop Reveals – UKGE 2019

It’s hot in the halls of the Birmingham NEC…astonishingly hot. Almost as hot as some of the reveals and announcements from the Warhammer Community seminar. We’re here to give you the low-down of what was shown off to those lucky enough to attend UKGE 2019.

New Warcry Warband Revealed

The Corvus Cabal have been revealed for Warcry! These almost-Tzeentchian marauders strive to attain the attention of Archaon.

Corvus Cabal

But, seriously, when will we be getting our hands on Warcry? “July” isn’t quite as specific as I’d like from the whispers I’m hearing…

New Blood Bowl Team Unveiled

Wood Elves bound onto the pitch in spectacular fashion with the brand new kit shown off at UKGE 2019. Whilst Wood Elves mean little to nothing to me, I can only assume there’s an insatiable hunger for them across the countless Blood Bowl leagues. As you can see below, the models are crisp in detail and…extravagant, I suppose would be the best way to describe the posing.

Wood Elves Blood Bowl

Enforcers Keeping Order in Necromunda

Teased a few weeks ago at Warhammer Fest, the Palantine Enforcers have arrived to crack the skulls of those up to no good within the Underhive. They might not quite be the Dredd-esque Arbites that seem to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind as missing from Necromunda. However, I’m sure they’ll do just as good a job at deterring the villains of the hab blocks…or, maybe not?

Enforces Necromunda

Escalation – A New Expansion For Blackstone Fortress

Despite being quite the direct A-to-B venture, Blackstone Fortress still seems to be accruing support from Games Workshop. Escalation, the latest expansion, brings with it a new band of heroes for players to command.

New Blackstone Fortress Heroes

However, with new allies come new threats. Alongside our new Crusader, Tech Priest and pals come a warband of Chaos-bent acolytes. Seemingly more barbarous than the Traitor Guardsmen aboard the Blackstone Fortress, these superb new models help to expand the diversity that Chaos has to offer.

New enemies in Blackstone Fortress

That may be it for Friday, but don’t be deterred by the specialist game-focus of these announcements. There will seemingly be more announcements tomorrow at the same time. We’ll be sure to update this article as well as our Facebook page when that happens!

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