Thunder Chrome 3 – Highway to Castle Painskull

Okay with a title like that for your Kickstarter you really do imagine a guy in dodgy clothing standing in front of a castle saying by the power of Painskull. No, just me then…

So way back in 2017 we reviewed Thunder Chrome then current Kick starter. Which finished way ahead of what they had planned. From a 3D printer perspective, the whole kickstarter gave people such a great choice and loads of scope. So when the guys asked me to have a look at the latest one I was more than happy to fire up the 3D printer.

So what makes Thunder Chrome KS different?

Simple, the main element that really changes this up is modular kits. Just like your Favourite GW miniatures, Thunder Chrome designs are all modular. You print the pieces you want and put together like a giant jigsaw.

With a lot of KS you end up printing designs you don’t want. Or hoping someone does a kitbash (Changes the file) to give you what you want. The guys at Thunder Chrome have this covered. Want 3 large openings, well print 3 then.

It makes modular fun and adaptable as well, because it all slots together. You can decide to change things up. Swap pieces about to fit the game, the scenario or the day of the week.

What games does it fit?

This Kickstarter looks like it is going to fit loads of themes. Be it your Age of Sigmar, 40k, Kings of War, Deadzone or Rogue Stars, the list goes on and on. Playing around with some of the designs you could easily make them very solid and add lighting to them if you have the skills.

3D printing your terrain can take a while. With lots of elements to print, but it also should mean you don’t get any useless pieces. You print just what you want. It also means you can start small and expand without having boxes of stuff laying around unpainted (Just a 3D printer and reels of PLA :P)

Whats in the KS?

Now as with any KS is going to depend on how much you put into it. I was on the last KS and I’ve lost count of the amount of individual files I got. Its in the hundreds.

This kickstarter is the same, for instance here’s the basic pledge.

Grand Master pledge -50€/57 dollars-

The Grand Master pledge includes the core set for Thunder Chrome 3: Highway to Castle Painskull. Over 80 pieces to combine at will to create any structure you may need in your gaming table. It also includes all the stretch goals unlocked in this campaign (more than 30 planned for now). It also gives you access to buy Add-ons.

Thats a lot of files, for not a lot of money. You will end up with over a hundred files. Some you will end up printing multiples of because they are core pieces. But thats a huge amount of scope for a project. Whats not to love!!!

If you love what you’ve seen then I urge you to take a look at the Thunder Chrome KS. I wish the guys a huge pile of luck as they really deserve it. Designing isn’t easy.

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