PSI Wars

PSI Wars is a new mind bending game of stratergy. Its live on kickstarter as we speak. I am a few weeks behind so my apologies I didnt give you advance warning of what could turn out to be a very interesting game.

We are going back to the future again where humanity has almost been wiped out from the galaxy. Competing warlords are using scientific knowledge gathered through the eons and harnessing various techs to unleash war.

Concept to Card

During the game you are competing against your opponent to wipe out their Lab, thereby securing the planet for yourself.

The cards we received are a preproduction set of cards, so the artwork definitely isn’t what you will see in the end product. I will go into that a bit more shortly.

There are four types of card in the game, creation unit, battle unit, powers and equipment, it is using these cards that you will form your attack from. Creation units are like an in-game currency, you will need these to create all other cards, don’t worry though they replenish each turn so can be used again.

Battle Units are the basis off your force and the units that you will unleash against your opponent. Equipment can be used to enhance your Battle Units, and Power cards are the method of which you can mess with the rules somewhat. Creating units is fairly straight forward you need the required Creation Units to create them, once they have created something the Creation units are depleted. They replenish for your next turn so you can constantly use them but only once per turn. Up to this point gameplay wise it’s fairly generic mechanics. PSI Wars starts to shine in the battle phase.

Entering into battle is where the game will either win or loose, quite literally in fact. We are all used to the card mechanics of the attack stregth vs defence. Highest number wins and destroys everythign else in your path. This is where PSI Wars shines in my view. Yes there is a bit of maths and as always there are ways of gaming the system to your advantage. Lets fce it wold be a pointless game otherwise. The Battle Units along with any upgrades can be stacked to form a team to attack and defend but only two at a time.

There are a few stages of battle. Firstly the attacker can choose to either attack with a Cyber Attack or a Psionic Attack. The values for each are added together and then added to a D6 roll result. This is compared to the same stats for the defender with a D6 roll added on as well. So even a weak attack has the potential to succeed. If the attacker is succesfull the defender is disorientated and play moves onto the Pyhsical attack. If the attack isnt succesful the defending player can counter attack using the same method. If the defender succeds with his attack the Attacker is disorientated.

If the Attacker isnt disorientated they can attack and if successful will destroy the defender. If the defender isnt destroyed and isnt disorientated they can physically counter attack and if successful destroy the attacker.

When there are no defenders, or none declared, then the physical attack damage is done straight to the defending players lab. Remember when the lab is down to 0 hit points its game over.

So what sets this game out from the myriad of other battle based knock your opponents life/hit points down to 0 card game on the market. Well there are a few things worthy of being noted. Earlier I said the artwork was going to change. That is because all the cards I have are 2d that is just a picture. Don’t get me wrong I really like the art work as it is and think that it would be a great game with the printing as is.

In the final production game all the cards are going to be 3D. You can read that as many times as you want it wont change and wasn’t a typo. Every playing card in PSI Wars will be printed as a 3d card. We got one sent to us below as a sample of the ‘final’ form. I thought it sounded like a great idea and it does look great. However seeing the rest of the artwork on the pre-production cards I really think they look just as good. Perhaps maybe only doing it on certain cards or power cards would have brought the rather modest funding goals and pledges down a little bit. Not that they are priced that badly to be honest.

Battles is where it is going to be at though, yes more complicated than your average card game. Personnlly I think it adds a bit more spice to the whole affair. Yes you have an awesome attacking stack you can make but looking across the table your soon to be vanquished foe has a few cards there. It could it all come down to the roll of a dice. Not once but potentially three times? There is a bit more risk and a bit more probability and luck involved with a battle. Ensuring you have a winning hand s a whole lot harder than just pushing everything out and saying ‘I’m going to hit you with all this’.

If you like the look of PSI Wars then be sure to check it out now on kickstarter. We are also on Facebook where share even more content and you can keep up with what the guys are up to.

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