Modblokz: Making Terrain Easy

It’s not often that I write an article on terrain but Modblokz tabletop terrain has successfully caught my eye. The products are massive customisation and offer a great amount of depth. Supposedly, this even goes far beyond what the pledge levels of the kickstarter show.

The above clip shows the level of complexity and options possible in some of the buildings. The Armoury pledge level is what you can see above. All the pieces have magnets in them allowing you to get your models into and out of the structure. Additionally, as they are magnetic you don’t have to build them as shown. You could quite easily switch things up so you aren’t fighting over the same piece of scenery every time.

New Kids on the Blokz

The piece we got sent to review was the lower end of the pledges. Just a single room, so not many diverse offerings are at hand. Fortunately, it does the job of showing what the idea is and how well it can work.

You start with one building frame, add the walls, the roof and any other bits needed. After that, you’re are ready to go, simple as that. The roof isn’t magnetised granting ease to get your hands and models inside. All of the walls can be removed too, so you can get down and check the line of sight Although, not all walls are created equal. The fancier walls with more features are much easier to pull off.

With the variety of different pieces available and the pre-designed buildings it is possible that with a bit of swapping and changing you could have a table full of these and no two buildings would look alike. Even if you go for the same basic layout each time.

What Modblokz have done is take an incredibly simple concept and turned it into a well-thought-out building idea. Since the predominant shapes are rectangles and squares there is a lot of versatility in design options for the avid gamer.

You can check out the Modblokz kickstarter here. While you’re searching online you could also check out our Facebook page and follow us to keep up to date with even more goings on from the team.

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