Hellboy – The Board Game

Along with about eleven thousand other people, I backed Mantic Games Hellboy The Board Game on Kickstarter. Without further ado, let’s pop open this huge box and see what’s inside.

The Box

Opening the huge box washed away any suspected disappointed. You can see from the images above that it’s a huge offering. Near every centimetre within the box serves a purpose of holding components aplenty. It’s always nice to see a compactly-packed board game full of stuff!

Accessories Tray

The top tray contains all the cards and counters you’re going to need. Also contained within the Kickstarter edition are a couple of great pieces of artwork which match the box art. These will surely serve as nice things to store away or frame if that’s your style.

The card stock used for the counters and board pieces is of notably good quality. As a personal touch, once I’ve darkened the edges I think they will look great.

The Miniature Trays

Included within the huge box of boss monsters, you also get 4 other trays crammed full of miniatures. In total there are over 120 miniatures in the box. This could surely keep some hobbyists painting for months or even years if you’re someone who takes their time.

One of my favourite things is that some of the monsters are generic enough that you could use them in other games. I can certainly see a few of them appearing in future games of Strange Aeons or in Weird War WWII settings.

All of the BPRD agents have their own miniatures and Hellboy himself has several versions which expand the gameplay somewhat. Because the kickstarter went well over the initial target (surprising to very few) you get a lot of extra Agents to use, too. Some of these guys you may know from the films if you have seen them including the likes of Liz Sherman or Johann Kraus. Some like Lobster Johnson or Kate Corrigan are only going to be familiar if you’ve read a few of the comics. It’s nice that the box covers fans of both the newer material and those who have been fans for much longer.


Something that people often forget when they start going on about quality is the market that something has been produced for. This is a board game, so the miniatures aren’t going to match the quality you’ll find on the tabletop. With that said the quality is still fairly good.

A few bits will need some tidy-up and multi-part models assembled in the factory might need some glue clean-up if you chose to use them. Overall, there are no particularly big issues and I’ve certainly seen worse from some more prevalent tabletop companies.

Was it worth it?

In a single word, yes. Granted, there were delays and issues with shipping blamed on the current political market in the UK. Regardless, after all of that I’m still pleased that I got the set. In many ways I wish at the time I could have been able to afford the two add on sets as well. Still, this is a great box packed with good value and quality components.

The great thing about this game is you also don’t have to be a fan of the Hellboy franchise to play it. It’s not set to a restrictive audience and it feels as though most folks can enjoy it regardless. I’m really looking forward to getting it all together and playing a few dozen games.

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