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Word Forge Games are at it again, this time with a game called Pocket Landship. Pocket Landship is a solo and/or co-op card and dice game. The game is set in an alternate version of the 20th Century pitting tank commander(s) against a horde of opponents.

The game is already fully funded and doesn’t have long left to go. With pledges starting at just £12 this kickstarter isn’t one that is going to break the bank either. Pocket Landships is designed to be really portable, everything fits nicely in the compact box. Which can be thrown into your bag/backpack/handbag (delete as applicable). A full game shouldn’t take too long to play through. Even then it doesn’t detract from from the wealth of tactical options.

The preview pack I received contained half a dozen tank parts, as well as enough enemies to ensure the play sessions didn’t get too repetitive. As far as game play goes the rules are really simple. The game flows very smoothly from what I’ve played.

Keep On Tankin’

After playing a few too many solo games, there are quite a few little tricks I’ve learned to deploy. One of the best actions is getting to roll four dice instead of three. You then get to choose the ones you want to keep! This is something that really shouldn’t be underestimated. Another trick I have enjoyed using is Ingenuity. Ingenuity allows you to change one other dice roll by one, which is great if you have a stuck in the mud action, as you can change it to a totally different action.

Having to fight your way through nine enemies is a great challenge. A few well-placed dice can really swing things your way if you think tactically. This is a challenge that hasn’t grown stale yet. The way the cards interact with each other can potentially ruin your well-laid plans if you’re not prepared.

This a fun truly pocket-sized game that can be played just about anywhere no matter how small the table. If you want to get in on the action you are going to have to be quick as the kickstarter ends in a few hours!

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