Moonstone The Leshavult on Kickstarter

The Leshavult the newest set of miniature for Goblin Kings Game Moonstone is now on Kickstarter. Not only that but it’s fully funded and knocking down stretch goals.

Now you may have seen us look at Moonstone a few months ago, and still enjoying it would be an understatement. Last weekend I went to a demo session, with the sole purpose of trying out the Faeries. Needless to say, I am now working on set and expect to see some more on them soon.

What do the Leshuvalt add to the game? Well for a start it’s a whole new faction. So we have a whole heap of new flavour being added. Each race has it’s own little quirks and tricks which you’re going to have to get used to but the Leshuvalt are an entirely different kettle of whimsical woody creatures. Up until now, catastrophes have always been .. well catastrophically bad. Now there are some that either aren’t that bad or just downright helpful. This doesn’t look like it’s by accident as there is still a large proportion of risk vs rewards with the arcane deck and ensuing magic.

There some incredibly powerful plays and powerful characters, but to get the full bang out of them you have to make sure you pair them with the right characters and keep the other characters alive as well.

We are looking forward to these being run out into full production. Boris the Bunny Summoner and Brother Dan are seriously needed on the battlefield.

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