Lost World Exodus Announced

Warcradle have dropped a new announcement for the Wild West Exodus. Or Dystopian Age as it now seems to be called, and that is Lost World Exodus.

The icy wilderness of Antarctica holds a centuries-old secret buried in its frozen depths. This alien structure, known only as the Vault, contains marvels beyond human understanding. Now the Vault has been breached and an inexplicable transformation has created a Lost World of dense jungles, vast labyrinthine chasms and fiery volcanoes.

Fuelled by rumour alone, the mighty empires of the Dystopian Age have sent expeditions to the distant shores of Antarctica. Traversing the exterior’s miles of ice and rock, these expeditions have finally reached the wild and wondrous interior of the Lost World. Scattered throughout this rich and varied landscape there are seams of fabulous minerals, hyper-evolved megaflora and the menacing roar of new and terrifying beasts that call this Lost World home.


Lost World Exodus will be a 35mm scale skirmish wargame which is set in the newly transformed and deadly lands of Antarctica. In this alternate history, might makes right. The eight Great Powers of the world desperately seek any advantage so that they may rise supreme in this Dystopian Age. Lead your force of fantastically detailed and evocative miniatures to explore the Lost World and seize its wealth for your people. But foolhardy commanders should beware. Your enemies and even the very land itself are just as intent on keeping these secrets to themselves.

There are eight Factions battling for control of the Lost World. Each Faction represents one of the Great Powers of the Dystopian Age. They are:

  • The Latin Alliance
  • The Commonwealth
  • The Celestian Empire
  • The Prussian Imperium
  • The British Crown
  • The Covenant of the Enlightened
  • The Union of Federated States
  • The Ottoman Sultanate

While Lost World Exodus shares the ‘Exodus’ core rules, so hopefully reasonably acceisible to existing WWX players. It brings a number of unique unit types and special rules that make these eight Factions play very differently from those found in Wild West Exodus. In Lost World you will find Commander units leading Detachments. Detachments include Specialists that can be combined with Troop units. When combinedthey can enhance their abilities and performance in game. In this manner the Enlightened and Union, while already seen in Wild West Exodus, have a different structure and behaviour to reflect the different aspects of those factions found in the Lost World.

The Lost World Exodus presents a self-contained theatre of conflict, in the same way that Wild West Exodus does. The nefarious Frontier Outlaw Jessie James is no more concerned about the aerial exploits of Sky-Captain Betty Parkhurst above Antarctica than she is of his latest audacious robbery in Red Oak. This allows players to fully immerse themselves the rich narrative and setting of their chosen Exodus without concern that the wider conflicts of the world make their efforts insignificant.

Of course as Lost World Exodus and Wild West Exodus share core rules. Players of both games can take part in exciting and challenging competitive tournaments and casual games! With fourteen distinct factions spread over two games. There really has never been a better time to jump into the Dystopian Age in 35mm scale.

Lost World Exodus is due for release in late 2019 after the launch of Dystopian Wars. A thrilling game of 1/1200 scale naval combat in the Dystopian Age

To go along side this new setting Warcradle have announced their show exclusive for this year. Jadzia Kosciuszko the Winged Hussar Captain. She is available now and throughout Adepticon as well as at the show itself. If you miss her this time round the Next time she will be available will be at Salute.

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