Heroes of Normandie: The Tactical Card Game arrives

Heroes of Normandie has arrived. Coming hot on the heels of an announcement that shipping was indeed imminent. The final hurdle for this kickstarter has seemingly been bested.

Originally due in June 2017 the first shipments arrived this week. Whilst the wait has been long and arduous the end is in-grasp. The box was fairly hefty to open. Inside were 5 glorious boxes of card games as well as some extra pieces and 500 card sleeves. Yes, that’s right, five-hundred!

In The Box

With the massive influx of cards it’s arduous to know where to start. Opening up the Heroes of Normandie core box we are presented with a rulebook resplendent with great artwork. The rules are reasonably clear, very concise and well-presented. Delving further into the box reveals the scenarios for the core game are exhibited in an easy-to-follow fashion. Although, they are all on separate sheets of paper, so be careful not to lose any. The various maps for the game are all printed on paper, which is a bit of a shame as with a lot of use the creases are probably going to start to tear. Although, having something like mouse-mat neoprene would be wildly expensive and likely have bumped up the cost. Regardless, I am sure a lot of fans would have brought them anyway.

The only bad part of the unboxing process was that, despite the kickstarter saying there would be enough sleeves for all the cards, I was approximately ten short. This isn’t too much of an issue as I have sleeved the majority of it focusing on the ones I intend on using. The selected cards that I will not use much will be left naked in the provided card boxes.

Playing the Game

Once you get everything out of the box and have punched all the counters out for a game, it can start to look a bit overwhelming. Honestly, the best place to start is the first scenario from the ‘core box’. My first game, as well as trying to learn all the rules and work out the flow of the game, was also introducing a new member to Aftermath Games Club.

The first turn was really a bit of a long process as we were both trying to get to grips with the game. It looked like I was going to absolutely steam roll over my opponent. However, about half way through turn two, everything began to drop into place. The pace of play really picked up when we agreed to restart the game. We both learned that mastering the art of directives was a big key to winning battles. It was this point that we both really started to have some fun with the game. The tactical decisions revved-up from simply picking units to attack to some really well-timed flanking moves followed by boosted attacks and all sort of shenanigans.

If you had asked me at the end of turn one what I thought of the game my response would have summarised as mediocre. Alright, not fantastic, nothing to write home about. However, at the end of the game I perceived the game to be cool, reasonably quick but with a depth I don’t think I have really scratched yet. It’s for that reason that I can’t wait to get the Heroes of Normandie: Tactical Card Game back on the table. Make no mistakes about it, the commonwealth forces will be sallying forth soon.

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