Warhammer: Champions – Savagery Cards Preview

Warhammer: Champions swept into my life at a time where card games were very much resurfacing at an astonishing rate. I have played many games both physically with actual cards and digitally using the wonderful Champions app on mobile.

Whilst I’ve not sunk as much time into it recently due to other games creeping up on me, now seems like the perfect time to jump back in. There’s a brand new set upcoming named Savagery. This set will feature 158 new cards, 3 new races and more. PlayFusion were kind enough to send me a couple of brand new cards to preview from the set. So, let’s break these cards down and see what they can do for you and your decks before Savagery launches proper on April 5th!

For those unaware of what Warhammer: Champions is exactly, allow me to briefly inform you. It’s a game where two players pick a Grand Alliance, build a deck of cards and go toe-to-toe to defeat one another. Champions uses a wonderful system where cards have different effects depending on their rotation. It’s not a million miles away from the very successful Lightseekers game. The game is very quick to learn but can take some time to master. However, when you play the long game and it pays off it can be exceptionally gratifying!

Call Da Moon

As if PlayFusion have been keeping up with my recent dabbling in Gloomspite Gitz, the first card we have is for Destruction. “Call Da Moon” is a spell with the prime aim of dealing damage and drawing cards as you deply Grot units. This feels thematic for Grots as their strength dwells in their unfathomable numbers.

Part of me wishes the artwork on this card featured Squigs raining down from the sky. A Gloomspite Git can dream, right?

Popping the card down will do nothing initially, as noted by the “X” corner. However, when you trigger the first rotation you’re be primed and ready to deploy Grot units and start capitalising. This will work so long as you deploy Grots on a champion either side of this card, so be mindful where your wizard sits.

Dealing two damage each time whilst the deployed Grots themselves likely do damage means this card would likely be quite a safe take in your deck. I’d likely consider putting Meat Shield Grots either side of this spell to trigger it twice in quick succession. Alongside the damage output and drawn card you’ll have put up some nice damage negation, as well. Alternatively you could deploy Cowardly Grots to trigger it the first time and wait for your opponent to damage them. When they are damaged this will exhaust them, freeing the lane up once more for another Grot unit to be deployed. This will allow you to finish up “Call Da Moon” very swiftly indeed.

Goddess of Life

The next card in Savagery that I received is “Goddess of Life” for the Order Grand Alliance. This is a Passive Blessing and plays into a deceptively strong act of drawing more cards when discarding any cards you already have in play. You can draw two cards for the first two corners and then one on the third and final corner. This Blessing feels very much like a nice to have but it doesn’t snatch me immediately when I look at other Blessings. Although, this may be due to my somewhat aggressive play-style.

Drawing cards is rarely a bad move, especially for exhausting cards in-play. However, I prefer my Blessings to be a little more…punch.

You’d likely want to use this off the back of cards that work heavily with rotating other cards. This way you’ll be rotating “Goddess of Life” more quickly, thus attaining more cards. Swift Namarti Reavers would be a good shout here as they rotate when other Aelf units are deployed nearby. Even the Knight-Heraldor could work too, as his Heroic Act has highlighted Stormcast units rotate forward one step.

When I play Champions I typically like my Blessing cards to have immediate and notable pay-offs. Drawing cards is a big bonus, of course. But I feel like “Goddess of Life” is quite reliant on too many unsure factors. You first need to get the Blessing triggered, which of course, could be in any of the four lanes. You then needs to try and focus on rotating and discarding cards for a quick pay-off. For me personally, I’d sooner take something with a big, instant damage output or something else more immediate. However, it’s worth nothing that whilst I’ve played a fair bit of Champions, my victory count might not be particularly stellar…

Impending Savagery

The upcoming new set for Champions takes place in the Realm of Life and thus sees an introduction of a number of new cards. Rotigus Rainfather and other Nurgle Daemons shuffle grotesquely into the fray for Chaos. Alarielle the Everqueen and her Sylvaneth fighters also arrive as part of the Order Grand Alliance. The Gloomspite Gitz also bounce into bottle in their phenomonally crazed fashion. As a Nurgle and Gloomspite Gitz player, you can expect to see me shuffling my decks again in no time.

You can keep your Sylvaneth, Alarielle. I’m firmly on the gross, slimy, smelly team this time around!

We’ll no doubt provide coverage of Savagery closer to launch. Until then, we strongly advise you check out Warhammer: Champions. It’s got surprising depth and provides an experience that’s very fun to play and very gratifying to win. As briefly mentioned, Savagery is due for release April 5th.

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