Crate Expectations from Mantic

Mantic Games have announced that the Terrain Crate 2 Kickstarter launched 8pm (GMT) on February 21st. We’re expecting great things from this campaign and there will be a special 24-hour early bird discount. We should hope that the bad puns end as quickly as they started but the guys seem to be having great fun with them at the moment.

Mantic want the Terrain Crate Kickstarter to fund hundreds more pieces of detailed plastic scenery for your RPGs, fantasy wargames, post-apocalyptic skirmish games, and even historical battles. Below you can take a sneak peek at the sets available from day one. Considering how bountiful the original Kickstarter was, this is rather impressive! We are pretty sure though, as with all Mantic Kickstarters, that this is just the tip of a massive plastic iceberg.

Bleakwood Hall is a spooky, gothic setting. Perfect if you want a haunted mansion, a Cthulhu cultist’s lair, a mysterious wood for your fantasy games or just need some fancy furniture to kit out your king’s castle for D&D. This could even be some dressing for Kings of War multi-bases. Bleakwood Hall contains four sets – Gothic Manor, Servants’ Quarters, Grim Woods and Bleakwood Mausoleum.

Campbell Heights is the perfect Crate for post-apocalyptic games. The Walking Dead: All Out War or even modern skirmish games. There’s also a set that’s fully compatible with Here’s Negan: The Board Game. Campbell Heights contains four sets: Two Trees Mall, Crystal Peaks Campsite, Survivor’s Stronghold and Abandoned Office.

Need a Terrain Crate for your historical wargames? A bustling market square for RPGs? Or maybe a simple house for your adventurers to rest in? Well, look no further than the Bellevue Square Crate. This contains the following sets: Market Day, Bellevue Hospital, Cosy Cottage and Peaceful Park.

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