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Warbanner are pulling out all the stops recently, having aquired a new modern range of miniatures. With this they are releasing an awesome-looking set of miniatures to complement Test of Honour.

Adding to all of this there is a flurry of new releases for The Hun. The new models appear very well-suited to games such as Saga.

The Huns were a nomadic people made up of a confederation of different tribes who migrated west from Central Asia in the mid to late 4th century.
Warbanner have chosen to represent them in a varied form, taking advantage of the scarcity of information. This would hopefully provide a colourful army that represents a mix of tribal types. This would oppose the predictable (and unproven) pseudo-Mongol style army. You’ll find a mix of Central Asian, Turkic, Scythian, Gothic and even some Roman gear and style in this range.

The range available as a bundle deal.

If you think that these look good, there are more on the way already.

With that in mind this may be a good time to mention a certain Bread and Circuses set due for release next month.

A Matter of Loaf & Death

The contents of Bread and Circuses

As you can see above, Warbanner have taken their first box set shook it up a bit and added even more value.

With the new bakery scenery, Rome just got a bit more homely, and every bakery needs a baker. This set includes 4 new sculpts, the incola and two new gang leaders. This set also includes everything you’d need to play the game, too. Some of you may have read about Blood on the Aventine starter set, which was great value for money. The Bread and Circus set improves that value a notch as there is literally everything you need in this starter set including mob bases. We were fortunate enough to ask Andy Hobday about Bread and Circuses and this is what he had to say:

With Bread and Circuses, we carry on in the same vein as Blood on the Aventine as an all in Starter set for new people to Gangs of Rome or a cracking scenario set for those already playing. We listened to the community, and for this set, we included three stands of mobs as they were the only thing that would make the set even better.

Andy Hobday of Warbanner

Alongside as the mob bases and the new miniatures there are also four existing fighters that you could build from previous packs. As far as we can recall this is the first time that they have been cast as one-piece miniatures.

Available to pre-order now from Warbanner it might be a good idea to get your order in soon. The first starter set sold out pretty quickly so you’d not want to miss out.

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