Resident Evil 2 Kickstarter Arrives

Resident Evil 2 which was kickstarted by Steamforged Games has, after a brief delay, started arriving. We have already recorded our unboxing video but have SFG done a good enough job with their second big name licence.

I was lucky enough to get a copy of the kickstarter edition of Resident Evil from Wyldstorm Games who backed the Kickstarter. From the outset on opening the first box you are treated to an almost visceral, dark experience. In the same delivery two expansions also arrived along with the kickstarter exclusive sculpts. There are plenty of blood splatters all around, a fitting visual tribute to the game Resident Evil 2.

The cardboard components are all reasonably solid I think a bit thicker on the card would have been more reassuring for a long life, but they aren’t that bad. The player cards are nicely sized so that everything is accessible and readable. The item cards however are a bit small which is great as it makes it easier to have everything out and displayed nicely without eating into gaming space. However the smaller cards have a tendency to wander off occasionally, and therefore are a bit harder to find. From experiance looking under the floor tiles should cut down on searching time

The miniatures are nicely encased in a form fitting tray with a lid to go over them as well, so your favourite models are going to be safe and sound for a long time to come straight from the word go with Resident Evil, which is always reassuring to know. The rules are in a small pamphlet and include within the box, more stuff is added in later boxes annoyingly. This seems to be a trend not entirely SFG related where you ‘unlock’ more rules as you buy more content. Admittedly it seems to keep you coming back for more, but its an annoyance none the less.

The models are made from a PVC material and unlike the dark souls miniatures and some of the more recent Guildball hick ups seems to be a bit stronger than the more recent offerings. The cast quality is definitely on the higher side of plasitcs produced by SFG but I still cant help but feel their metals where much better. On the plus side though the models are ready to go straight away with no assembly required.

With the release date soon looming you can order here which will also help support Tabletop Games UK

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