BattleMats Launch Reversible Battle Mat Kickstarter

The aptly named company BattleMats have just fired up a new Kickstarter for some new tabletop reversible mats. But you better act fast if you’re interested!

I’ve often contemplated grabbing a space-scape battle mat for the rare occasion I get some X-Wing on the go. However, I’m yet to make the commitment since I worry the mat would so rarely get use. Thus, it might not be a wise investment.

Right on cue, UK-based company BattleMats waltz in with their “quickstarter” flogging brand new, neoprene, reversible mats for tabletop. There are two mats available. Both have a space-scape side, ideal for X-Wing and Armada and any other space-themed skirmish game. The other side of each mat can be either a grassy plain or desert tundra for those who prefer more grounded battles.

Versatile Battlefields

At 3′ x 3′, the mats themselves may not sound impressive. However, do not underestimate their value. For myself, I can finally have a mat for X-Wing without potentially wasting the investment if it doesn’t play out as the other side would get used regularly.

The kickstarter has an astonishingly low goal of £500 (already at £477 at time of writing, minutes after going live) and concludes January 28th. Should you be looking to grab a new skirmish-sized mat for your space battles or small-scale land conflicts you can find all the information and pledge information here.

We’ve already covered a couple of things from BattleMats included their Giant Book of Battle Mats. They typically produce good quality items in my experience and I’d expect no different from these new reversible mats. We’ll look to get our hands on them and let you all know our findings.

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