2018 A Year In Review

Our year in review articles are a chance for us to look back and reflect on the important things in life that have passed by in the previous year. Perhaps a particular new game or a certain newly released model. Maybe even an awesome win or crushing loss which happen to be exceptionally memorable for us. All the things that make tabletop the fun and fulfilling hobby that it is.


2018 has been an incredibly hard year for me due to real life getting in the way. This includes numerous 72 hour work weeks on top of commuting. At times I have really come close to just pulling the plug on my hobby as I rarely seemed to have the time to commit to it. Things kept dragging me back into it though, at times sitting down with a brush and a lot of superglue really helped keep me keep it together!

For me one of the highlights of 2018 was taking my daughter Morgan to Diceni. She loved it and it was great to see her interact and really enjoy the hobby that I love, much to the displeasure of my wife. However, Paul from Warbanner is still a massive cheat! But really great at getting people psyched-up about a game.

Two cheats at table

We also saw some massive releases in 2018 including X-wing 2nd edition. I also managed to get into some big (and sometimes very long) campaigns. There was one for Necromunda and two for Kill Team, both of which are riveting fun with the campaigns proving get quite deep and competitive. Although, for me the stand-out 2018 game for me was Moonstone. This simple skirmish game has absolutely enraptured me. It has done so via a combination of accessible gameplay and awesome miniatures. It’s refreshing being able to play a game without the need for tedious list-building. Next year sees the next wave of products for Moonstone so be sure to stay tuned for more there.

Looking forward into 2019 I can’t see the winning lottery numbers or anything crazy like that but I can see Wild West Exodus making a big dent in my hobby time.


The start of this year has proven notably difficult to beat for myself as a hobbyist. More specifically, for myself as a Death Guard fan. The flurry of Nurgle releases from Games Workshop earlier this year left my wallet lighter but my heart fuller. Myphitic Blight Haulers, a new Great Unclean One, new Heralds of Nurgle, it was all almost too much to handle.

Of course, Games Workshop have been doing quite well all things considered, not just for me personally. The relaunch of Kill Team as a game system had me buying boxes of infantry I’d typically avoid like the plague. The more recently unleashed Blackstone Fortress brought Warhammer Quest to a Warhammer 40,000 setting. I can say that alongside these two specifically as well as the new Warhammer Underworlds release, I’ve been rolling dice more this year than ever. Despite moving half-way up the country, little has been able to impede my hobby progress and enthusiasm.

I wholly expect this to continue throughout 2019, as well. I’m particularly excited for an impending Chaos update heralding in Abaddon the Despoiler himself. This combined with a possible Night Goblin update for Age of Sigmar, I’m really finding it difficult to contain my excitement. There also seems to be an airbrush-shaped package underneath my Christmas tree, too. 2019 will see me trying to further my painting to an entirely new level! I’m also hoping to reignite the flame within me for all things role-playing. Wrath & Glory recently arrived, alongside some new Star Wars RPG supplements. Expect more on this very, very soon!

Kill Team has already seen some great releases including the Rogue Trader expansion and the Commanders expansion, too.


This year for me has been a bit manic, work I can say has taken so much of my hobby time away its unreal. Hopefully 2019 doesn’t do that as we all need some unreality break time 😀

Game wise as someone who has been involved in Test of Honour it has been amazing to see the game grow and also the new 7 Ronin set that has been recently released is the best set to date. We also have version 2 of the rules to look forward to as well. Also from War banner, we will see there new Greek City-State wargame Mortal Gods in the 1st Quarter of 2019. I’ve been building some terrain for that and a few articles coming soon.

Painting wise my greatest experiment this year I have been finding out just how clever Oils can be. I’ve seen people use them hundreds of times and just thought that’s magic and beyond me. Well, I took a stab at it recently and yes its still magic but I’m enjoying the experimentation with something new.

Things I’m looking forward to is Hellboy the Board game turning up from Mantic in February, Mortal Gods going live and more test of Honour. Oh and maybe some Star Wars Legion, I’m way behind the curve on it but sometimes it takes a while to see if you like a game.

Darren, again…

Commonly, most bosses send round an email around this time of year thanking their staff for all the great work they have done, targets met and so on. However, running this website with the help of Kenny and Jez has been for the most part, an absolute joy. Kenny has had his ear bent about a few non-hobby related issues and been such a solid guy to have in my corner. Jez has continued to step up when needed even if he has drifted off to a few other projects. Hopefully this will get his name in another few rulebooks soon. Stephen is our newest addition to the team and is making a bit of a splash with his X-Wing content. It’s a game I’d love to pour more time into although my competitive nature is being pushed to the brink as it is! Hopefully, some of you UK players will meet him soon as he pilots his way around the tournament scene.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the developers and publishers who have helped us out in 2018 with scoops, content to write about generally giving us a reason to be here. I know there is a lot planned for 2019 and we are also planning and scheming within the halls of Tabletop Games UK Towers as well.

That leaves us with one more person to thank. You, our wonderful reader! Without you we wouldn’t be here and we all thank you for your time checking out our content. Stay tuned throughout 2019 for more content, coverage and carnage!

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