X-Wing Second Edition – Wave 2 Drops

Quite a bit has happened in this week of second edition X-Wing! The first ever system open occurred, there were leaks, local organised play got going and FFG dropped a new wave! Alongside all this we got a peek into the future of the Hyperspace Trials next year. With so much going on I wanted to take a moment to chat about the five things that have stood out for me during a busy week of Wing action.

1.   Pattern Analyser – Quadjumper Salt Intensifies!

I love the Quads. I describe them as “the little tug boats that could”, which I’ll explain later. However, they do seem way under-costed for what they can do in a game, compared to other ships of the same cost. For me, this means that they are going to be one of the first things to be altered in January when the points get looked at again. For now they may have been given quite the foot-up.

The ‘Quads’ have had an unused slot, the Tech Upgrade, which has now had a number of cards released for it in the Wave 2 packs. One of these cards specifically (Pattern Analyser) is a real beaut for the Quadjumper.

The wording on the card is as follows “While you fully execute a red manoeuvres, before the Check Difficulty step, you may perform 1 action.” This will annoy a few people, as they do seem to be a fairly dominant ship in the meta at present. Couple this with the ability to perform an action after they have performed a red manoeuvre and this gives you even more control of the board. This can be further bolstered if you incorporate that tractor beam of theirs. If you have met me, read anything I’ve written or played against me you’ll know that this is the type of nonsense that I adore.

I fully expect the Quads to be chugging along in mass numbers until the points readjustment next year. As a fan of the Scum Faction and these glorious Tug Boats in general this is great news for me and other Scum players!

2. The Mining Guild Tie – New Wonderful Toys

Sticking with Wave 2 releases, the Scum release includes the fantastic-looking Tie Fighters from the Mining Guild. This is a brand new ship to the game exclusive to 2.0. Truly, there is some great stuff in this expansion.

First things first, just look at it!

Secondly, with a plethora of ships and pilots at your disposal, the Mining Guild Tie is built for swarm-lovers out there. Whether it is an all-Tie Fighter swarm or paired-up with some Quads, Fangs or ‘Sprays this ship is a great addition to the faction. All the pilots have the Notched Stabilisers ability so the Ties can ignore the effects of Asteroids. This gives you notably more freedom around the board and could be considered a considerable meta-change. If you’re not flying Scum you’re probably not going to want to take asteroids. After all, why give your opponent a potential advantage advantage?

These are also happen to be very nicely priced. With them being given the green light to be included in Hyperspace next year I fully expect to be seeing plenty of these over the next few months. This’ll be for Scum players to try to figure out how to get the best use of them.

3.  Organised Play – Ain’t No Party Like a Quick Build Party…..

My local store, Athena Games, held their first “Quick Build” party last week, it was a blast! This was a no-pressure Organised Play event where you have to pick your list based on some pre-built ships and threat levels. The atmosphere was relaxed and everybody rocked up to have fun. Plenty of people sought to fly some things which they probably wouldn’t in a more competitive arena.

With so much to choose from it was great to see so much variety on the table. I flew against Scum, Imperial and Rebels. There were also some of builds considered illegal in any other format further exhibiting really interesting stuff on display. Plus everyone got some swag, which only sweetens the deal.

I decided to go back to the ghosts of X-Wing past and flew Dengar, Manaroo and Old Teroch. A list that, in normal play, would have come in just under 250 points! I managed to get 3 games in, all close-fought and all good fun. One in particular leaving a 1 hull Old Terry chasing around two X-Wings with dead man switch.  An endless dance which we both decided to call a draw so that we could get some more games in.

You may be asking, how did the Jumpmasters play? Well, I enjoyed flying them, they were not as over-powered as before and are still a beast to be reckoned with. Dengar in particular has the punch to delete a small ship in a single turn. Their problem is simply that Scum have better options for cheaper points. I’ll be giving them another go in a future tournament. Keep an eye out, Dengaroo may fly again!

If you get a chance to go to one of these Quick Build events, I cannot recommend the format enough.

4.  Organised Play – Mario Kart

The past weekend Athena also put on a 2.0 extended tournament. My first of X-Wing Second Edition, in fact. I decided to run a list I’ve been messing around with on Vassal that I’ve dubbed Mario Kart. As you can see in the link, it’s a fairly simple list containing 6 Quads, all with a different crew. The idea behind it is to literally just cause a bit of chaos on the board. Tractor beams and tomfoolery aplenty, this was some of the most fun I’ve had with a list. Four incredibly close games ended with me going 1-3 and finishing 9th out of 10. On another day this could have been a 4-0. A brief outline of my 4 games (I took no notes, I hang my blogging head in shame):

Round 1 : Hedgehog (Boba, Guri, Plutt)

Hedge is a fantastic player, he was also pretty ill on the day. Hedge’s style of play is very much reposition, reposition, reposition. This was a great game. Tractor Beams were everywhere, however, my opponent flew Slave 1. Boba in his own ship in X-Wing Second Edition?! What a mad man! Well, for him it worked. He was able to reposition Boba out of a couple of tricky positions thanks to the Slave 1 title. Plus with Guri barrel-rolling with the Starviper title he got the best of me after a great clutch shot in the last round. He ended up winning by 20 points.

This was one of those matches that could have gone either way. I had red hot green dice at the start of the game soaking up a tonne of damage. Had it swung the other way I would have lost by a far greater amount. If he had gone down the more traditional Marauder route I could have potentially killed his ‘Spray. A fantastic, fun game and one that was the foundation for Hedge’s afternoon. Sickness be damned, he went on to win the tournament 4-0.

Round 2 : (Wedge, Luke, AP5)

Unfortunately, I have forgotten this player’s name, but this was a tough game for me. Proton Torpedoes on X-Wings are scary when you have no shields and only defence dice. However, the fear of tractor beams threw my opponent off a little and impacted his game plan. Fortunately for me, this is the basis of my own game plan! The match went to time and I managed to snatch a win. This was the only rebel player in the tournament (1 in 10) and this seems to be the current trend at the minute. Not many players out there appear to have the Rebels as their first choice faction.

Round 3 : Tim Clarke (Double Defenders)

Before lunch Tim and I joked that we would end up against each other. Defenders are scary threats and when flown well can take down most lists. They can be very unforgiving in the wrong hands, though. With my crew and tractor beams being able to mess with defenders, I actually liked my chances.

This match started off terribly for me. I put all my dials down on the wrong ships and basically messed up the game.  Despite putting myself in a constant phase of catch up I almost managed to claw it back. For a couple of rounds the game started to swing back in my favour. At one point we nearly had one of the Defenders fly off of the board. Alas, that was my chance gone. Soon thereafter, the “Imperial Tug Boat Murder Machine” cut through my list like a knife through hot butter. If I had gotten my dials the right way round and sorted my approach out the game may have ended differently. However, Tim managed to destroy all of my ships and comfortably snare the win.

Round 4 : David Lincoln (Palob, Old Terroch, Guri)

Swarm fatigue had set in at this point. I was more or less 3 full games into the tournament. However, going into the last game with no pressure was certainly nice. A good game that gave my opponent and I headaches, the game was quite close until the final ten minutes. I’d split my pack and this proved my undoing. Guri had the space to dance around and slowly picked away at my ships with David getting the win as it went to time.

Ending 1-3 with this list was not as bad as it would appear. I love flying the Quads as they are completely different to every other ship out there. There’s also something enthralling about flying a swarm of them, they simply look great on the table. Will I fly it again? Maybe. But as they stand I think there will always be at least one of these in my Scum lists for tournaments. Fantastically priced, crazy dials and a great built-in action currently make the Quad the best value ship in the game.

Their main disadvantage in a swarm of just Quads is the damage output. Although, with lots of practice and list tweaking this list could be great. It has a 10 point bid too, so loads of wiggle room to make changes. For instance, put Deadmans Switch on all for even more fun! My Quad love will keep burning brightly, for the time being.

5.  The Big News – If your names not on the list you’re not coming in!

FFG announced the points values for all of the new wave 2 models and cards the day before release in the UK.  They did also sneak in which ships would be Hyperspace Legal for the first wave of Hyperspace Trials next year. This has kicked up a storm. The pool of ships being much smaller than I thought it would be. So, as the saying goes, if your name is not on the list, then you’re not coming in!

Scum : Fang Fighters, Firesprays, Lando’s Falcon, Escape Craft, Mining Guild Ties

Rebels : X-Wing, Y-Wing, U-Wing, The Original Falcon

Imperials : Tie Advanced, Tie Reaper, Tie Fighter, Tie Striker

Resistance : T70, A-Wing, Bomber, New Falcon

First Order : Upsilon Shuttle, Tie FO, Tie Silencer, Tie SF

Looking at the above list there are not too many ships to choose from in this wave of Hyperspace. My view on Hyperspace has not changed at all in light of this. I talked about it in my previous post about a potential Wild West Meta.

I’m still certainly looking forward to these tournaments. They grant the chance to test yourself against the best players in the country or world on a fairly level playing field. Plus, let’s not forget there is going to be a points adjustment in January that’ll shake things up even more. Until that has been announced I won’t be judging if anything is over powered or not yet. Though, at the minute there, is nothing in there that stands out instantly as a go-to boring archetype list that will beat everything. Swarms, Aces, Support Ships, Bombers, Force Users, etc. Lots of options are at hand and I’m excited to see what people can come up with.

That is all from me, if you’re a fan of our content or want to learn more about the rest of the guys over at Tabletop Games UK then please do check us out further. You can find us on Facebook, should you want regular updates.

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