War Banner partner with Hysterical Games

So a little news nugget popped up this weekend on my Facebook feed letting me know that the “I can’t get any busier if I tried,” Andy Hobday (Gangs of Rome, Test of Honour etc..) would be taking over the day to day running of Hysterical Games now that Rob Alderman is off to work for Forge world ūüôĀ

Now what does this mean for Hysterical Games?  It brings in a wealth of experience that Andy has gained over years in the industry.  It also now gives War banner the ability to cast more items in Resin so for them as a business its a great way to expand.  Current customers of Hysterical Games and those on any Kickstarters need not worry, the guys have it all in hand and by the sounds of it, nothing will be delayed at all.

As for Rob, well as mentioned he’s off to Forge world as the Middle-Earth¬†Products Manager.¬† And considering his skill they really are gaining a master craftsman.

It’s going to be interesting watching War Banner grow and see what’s coming next for there partnership.

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