X-Wing 2nd Edition – Scum Always Rises to the Top

So it’s been a very exciting couple of weeks for X-Wing 2nd Edition. The new rule set was followed this past weekend by two huge tournaments, further injecting new life and excitement into the game. The UKTC and The Coruscant Invitational, won by The Weekend Warlords (again!) and Tom Forstner. Congrats to those guys for being top dogs amongst some of the best competition in the world.

This means along with play testing on Vassal, there has been a plethora of live streams for me to pour through to help me make my decision as to which faction to invest my hard earned Intergalactic Credits with. Combined with my excitement for Disney’s big Mandalorian News this week quite frankly there is only one way forward for this guy in X-Wing 2nd Edition, and that is Scum and Villainy!


Decisions Have Been Made

With so much choice out there this was a decision that changed 3 or 4 times over the fortnight. Even at one point saying “actually, I’ll wait for The Resistance stuff before I join in”. However, seeing all this X-Wing 2nd Edition being played has spurred me to get in on the action now!

As you can see from the picture below I have and always will be a bit of a “Fett Head”. When I found out back in the day there was a game where you could pilot Slave 1, I had to join in. In 1.0 Boba was a cross-over pilot. You could fly the ‘Spray as Imperials or Scum and Villainy. However, now in X-Wing 2nd Edition he only has the one home, as the backbone of the Ranks of the hordes of Smugglers and Bounty Hunters throughout the galaxy.

What Swayed It For Me?

Apart from pledging my allegiance to the House of Fett many moons ago, what else tipped the scales in favour of the Scum and Villainy Faction? I’m glad you asked!

Fang Fighters

People who have played against me have probably noticed I like to play fast and get up in your grill. I do not think there is currently any other ship in the game that fits this ethos so perfectly. Risk and reward are king with the Fang Fighter. Fly aggressively and take risk, chances are you will be richly rewarded. Although, misjudging your positioning or performing the incorrect action will have your wonderful model ruthlessly tossed upon the discard pile. Therefore, my local gaming group can look forward to echoes of “FENN RAU” being heard as I chuck my red dice. A time honoured tradition that I’m sure you have all missed!


Boy, did this get an upgrade! More poke, a better dial and fantastic value in the points department with some of the best pilots in the game. This looks like it could be a real nuisance. My Moldy Crow will fly again!

Crew Options

Much crew. Much WOW! All the different characters available at the disposal of Scum and Villainy players in X-Wing 2nd Edition means you can have bonkers list combinations. These range from Stress Control to Bombs and Ordnance shenanigans. Potential any line-up is able to wind up a Star Wars Hall of Fame with a plethora of iconic characters. Fluff fans like me will absolutely love it!

The Boring Reason

I have most of the ships already. Snoozefest, I know, but I have more Scum and Villainy ships from 1st Edition than all the other factions. This means it would make sense for me to continue on into my X-Wing 2nd Edition journey with what I all ready have. I only need to buy the Scum and Villainy conversion kit and away I go. One of the best value packs in gaming, this contains more or less everything you need to be able to put together a list for X-Wing 2nd Edition.

So, What’s Next?

With my decision made I am strapping myself in and getting ready to take to fight once more. With so much still to choose from I find myself pondering what will become my go-to ships? I advise you keep your eyes peeled for my next article. I will be letting you know how I’ve been getting on in the Cloud City Radio Vassal League. This will be my first step into the X-Wing 2nd Edition competitive scene alongside my thoughts on the ships in a casual setting. It’s been a long time and I am itching to get back in the cockpit.

No disintegrations? No chance!

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