Speculating Nightvault Warbands in Warhammer Underworlds

Now that the cavernous doors of the Nightvault have truly swung open, I find myself itching to learn of the upcoming combatants. We know what they are, as you can see in our previous article, but we don’t know how they’ll work. How will they inspire? What sort of gimmicks will they have? How much magic will they be slinging out across the hexes? All we have to go on are the images released by Games Workshop. Well, I’ll take what I can get! Let’s go over what we have and see what we can take away from these images. Find within this article a list of things that may (or may not) be possible for the upcoming Nightvault warbands. We certainly can say one thing with boundless glee, bar the Stormsire’s Cursebreakers, there appear to be no more Stormcast on the way. Maybe someone at Games Workshop has been reading our wishlist?

Darkoath Warband

The Darkoaths are a funny one. They’re Chaos and, despite their clear barbarism, aren’t strictly just fighting for Khorne and bloodshed like the Reavers or Fiends. This opens up a few options. I’d suspect these guys would still get their jollies by getting stuck into their enemies. Inspiration may well come from successfully inflicting a wound. Or, maybe, simply from charging? It’d promote the Darkoath way, for certain.

We can see that the Chieftain at the back will likely have some spell-casting shenanigans on the go, too. For myself these strike me as a less-interesting warband of the new ones on offer. I’ll wait for some Nurgle to bless the Underworlds, thank you very much. Looking at them, something does pop into my head which sounds fitting but immediately overly powerful. Looking at their stances and weapons in this image, could it be that these guys could charge and continue to attack? Just a thought…

Troggoth & Pals Warband

The Troggoth was shown off previously via Warhammer Community, along with the “Squigeon”. This warband is the one I’m most uncertain about. I suspect they’ll have some magic to hand in some form but in terms of how they’ll work or inspire, I’m not entirely sure. Either way, they all look pretty angry and spoiling for a bit of a fight. With these folks loosely sitting into the Destruction grand alliance I’d suspect that, in a shocking twist, these fighters will once again settle themselves in to charging and smashing faces.

Sylvaneth Warband

Finally, some forces of Order that aren’t stomping about in shiny, gold armour! They may not be the Seraphon I long for, but I’m still happy to see them in the fray with the other Nightvault warbands. I’d suspect, unsurprisingly, that the leader will have access to the odd spell here and there. The various fighters appear to have access to a nice plethora of different weapons. For inspiration, I’d wonder if they might inspire by being adjacent as a group? Standing together for the Everqueen and whatnot, perhaps? They may even have the ability to negate wounds or regenerate with all their powers of nature and natural life. They may potentially be somewhat brittle, but every rose has its thorns and these thorns will likely be very sharp indeed.

Kharadron Overlords Warband

The final of the teased Nightvault warbands is the Kharadron Overlords, everyone favourite dwarven sky pirates. I’d be very surprised if any of these chaps were casting spells, instead they likely storm the field with ranged weaponry of considerable strength. Whether they’ll bring any form of mobility or suffer the slowness of the Chosen Axes remains to be seen. However, with these guys prizing loot and treasure above all I’d suspect these guys will inspire either upon the acquisition of Upgrades. I’m very excited to see these guys take to the Underworlds as they are very different to everything we’ve seen. They’ll likely be tough, negating damage on blocks with their fancy armour, so they may well sacrifice speed in favour of survivability.

Feel free to comment with your theories on how the new Nightvault warbands will behave. Don’t forget to check out TabletopGamesUK on Facebook, too!

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