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Here we are again with another helpful page of resources! This time for War Banner/Footsore Miniatures upcoming game Mortal Gods. You can find further information on their Facebook page, but we’re cramming as much into this Mortal Gods resources page as we can! Before looking into the project I can safely say my knowledge of the ancient Greek world was limited to a few films exhibiting sketchy historical accuracy, as well as a handful of books. I did a chunk of reading and picked up loads of useful information. So, a bit like the Test of Honour page I did I thought I’d try to compile some stuff and help people out. I’ll try to keep adding new bits to this Test of Courage resources page as I find them or others suggest them.

Game Rules

FAQ (Link)


Timeline of Ancient Greece (Link)
Ancient Greek City States (Link), (Link)
Battle of Marathon (Link)
Battle of Salamis (Link)
The Great Greek Turncoat (Link)
Battle of Thermopylae (Link)
Thracians and their Kin (Link)
Thebes (Link)
Peltasts (Link)
Hoplites (Link)
The Greek Phalanx (Link)
Greek Military (Link), (Link)

The Look

Some Great Pinterest Boards (Link), (Link)
Introduction to Greek Architecture (Link)
Shield Patterns (Link)


Of course, there are so many to pick from! Yes, these links to Amazon, but I’m sure these books are attainable elsewhere.

Men of Bronze (Link)
Expedition to Disaster (Link)
Great Battles of the Classical Greek World (Link)
Hoplites at War (Link)
A Storm of Spears (Link)
The Western Way of War (Link)
Henchmen of Ares (Link)
Spartan Warrior 735-331BC (Link)
Greek Warriors: Hoplites and Heroes (Link)
Pylos and Sphacteria 425BC Sparta’s Island of disaster (Link)
Plataea 479BC (Link)

Miniature Ranges

Footsore (Link)
Warlord Games (Link)
Wargames Factory (Link)
Victrix (Plastics) (Link)
Crusader Miniatures (Link)
1st Corp (Link)
Tiger Miniatures (Link)
Gorgon Studios (Link)
Little Big Men (Decals) (Link)
Lucid Eye (Link)
Crocodile Games (Link)

As I find new bits I’ll add them into this Mortal Gods resources page so that it becomes a slow-building well of information. If people are after anything specific drop me a message in the comments and I’ll see what I can do. Knowledge is power, after all!

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