Welcoming the Debonn into Freebooters Fate

I confess, it has been a while since I last trod the shores of Longfall. The Brotherhood yearn for more foes, and the Debonn seem like an interesting opponent to face off against.

The Debonn and the latest book Tales of Longfall 4 come with a host of new releases. Starting off with the book this includes the background for Debonn told in the manner of short tales. These are really well written but that’s the set standard, not the exception.

In each tale of Longfall book new rules and charactors are introduced. In this one we have a new mechanic which allows groups of allied characters to activate at once. Rank and File, grants every crew member being activated with +2 move. You move a single character and then the rest of the crew members one by one so they end in a valid formation. However, the crew members do not have to finish in the same order that they started.

Rank and File isn’t the only new addition as cavalry has found its way to the shores of Longfall! This comes with rules for both rider and Mount and how they interact with each other. Hopefully this will see some new units coming to all factions as currently it’s only available to the Debonn.


Moving on to the new characters we start with two new Leaders for the Debonn crew, one of which looks the very image of a Neopolitan leader. Complete with Tricorne hat, Clisson N. Bonnet and a somewhat less eloquent Jeanne Jacques Raynal. Clisson can order troops around and gives a bonus to nearby allies Move stat. Jeanne can order a reload to enable faster firing.


Deck hands are somewhat limited at the moment, being a new faction there are only three types: Fusilier, Farouche and Vielle Garde. Although, the Farouche is the only deckhand that doesn’t benefit from the Rank and File special rule. Fusiliers are you’re typical soldier-looking fighters, somewhat dishevelled, though. Farouche are local natives in the employ of the Debonnese, whilst the Vielle Garde look to be somewhat more seasoned.

While there deckhands may be thin on the ground at the moment, I’d say wait and see for Tales of Longfall 5. I can’t promise anything, but there are plenty of options for specialists. I will look at these in a separate post but it’s worth noting that the Chevalier Calembour is quite a points-sink at 105 coins for both rider and the mount.

Next time we visit Longfall we will have more goodness to show you. In the meantime remember you can follow us on Facebook for even more gaming goodness

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