Our Own Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Wishlist

Might you be one of our readers who’s played a tonne of Shadespire? Maybe you caught some of our coverage over the last year or so? Well, have we go news for you! We’ve today been bestowed the exceptionally exciting announcement of Nightvault, the next game of Warhammer Underworlds. We know some of the facts, but let’s hop aboard the dream train and talk about what I’d love to see. Behold, our Nightvault wishlist!

No More Stormcast

I’m taking a stand by making this the top of our Nightvault Wishlist. Stormcast Eternals upon the launch of Nightvault will have three warbands in Warhammer Underworlds. Give them a rest, already! I absolutely understand they are Games Workshop’s poster children for Age of Sigmar. However, let’s pop them to one side and give the Order Grand Alliance some more variety within this game system. Here’s a suggestion…

Seraphon Warband

I would be elated to see the Seraphon take a swing within the Nightvault. They’ve been the single Order faction I’d be relatively interested in and this feels like a great opportunity. For me, anyway. There’s always been the core, undiluted appeal of dinosaurs righting giant dinosaurs into battle. I’m happy to forgo the dinosaur mounts in this instance just to give Lizardmen a go at Nagash and his undead fiends.

Don’t get me wrong, Aelves need some time in the spotlight, too! But, seriously, dinosaurs should come first. Because teeth.

Balanced Magic

I played a fair bit of Age of Sigmar: Skirmish, which I more often than not enjoyed thoroughly. However, something became apparent amongst my friends and I – magic is everything. With Skirmish being so small skirmish the ability to dispense mortal wounds is sensationally powerful. Granted, mortal wounds don’t appear to exist in Underworlds at this point. Though, I fear that magic could turn the game up on its head. It should, of course, have quite the impact. I just hope it isn’t the be all and end all of the game. Shadespire had fairly remarkable balance, so I’ll trust Nightvault to adhere to similar standards.

It looks as though magic will get its own set of dice for casting. I don’t think they’re quite as fetching as the purple Sepulchral Guard dice, though…

More Boards

The new board released a few months ago, at least for me, was quite a tepid product. At first, I was very keen to see what new strategies could unfold from it. My biggest issue with the Shattered City board was that it felt as though it was quite a light offering. For myself I’d have been happier paying a little more and getting a second board included. It feels as though that could offer a more extensive set of options for most players. Though, since the old boards are compatible with the new ones then I suppose this might not be a problem with Nightvault lands…

Better Quality Card Sleeves

When Shadespire first launched I invested pretty heavily. I got pretty much one of each item that was available at launch. The dice were fine, it’s kind of difficult to get them wrong. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the card sleeves. I played the game at least twice a week, at most up to twenty times in a single week. My cards got shuffled a tonne and the sleeves took a bit of a battering. They showed wear and tear after a few weeks with the backs peeling off. I’m hopeful they’ve improved any further card sleeves they may release as these definitely left a sour taste in my mouth and an ache in my wallet. Were thinking as players here for our Nightvault wishlist, but also as consumers.

Further Official Support

Warhammer: Champions has been on my plate for the better part of a month now. It’s certainly stormed into my hobby life and shows little sign of departing. One of the handy parts of this particular game is the online card database and app in which you can build decks and play games. I wouldn’t begin to expect some digital app to play Shadespire, but further support would be hugely appreciated. Some sort of online deck-building site or app would be a fine start. Games Workshop are going full-hog with rosters for Kill Team and other systems with the existing Underworlds card database. Maybe some further tools will be coming to help us? I’d sure be happy if that were the case.

What are you guys hoping to see with Nightvault? Are you hopeful for any particular warbands? Maybe there’s some card ideas you’ve got in your minds that you reckon could be solid additions. Let us know!

Thanks for checking out our Nightvault wishlist. As ever, you can find us on Facebook. Be sure to follow us on there for all the latest news and updates in tabletop games.

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