Interview with Alex Huntley – A New Halfling Fantasy Football Team!

We have managed to get a brief interview with Warploque Miniatures creator, sculptor and all round nice guy Alex Huntley about his currently running Kickstarter. Alex’s ArcWorlde miniatures are made for his own skirmish ruleset, but here he tells us more about why he’s branching out. The Kickstarter itself is for the Ram Raiders, a new Halfling fantasy football miniatures team for use within various fantasy football games. In addition, before reading the rest, you might want to read about the slot payment methods upon playing your favorite slots online.

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling…

  • Can you please tell us a bit about yourself before we get started? Where do you consider yourself to fit into this brilliant industry?

Ooooh, where do I begin? My name is Alex Huntley, I’m 25 years old from Yorkshire, and I sculpt wargaming miniatures for a living! For the past few years, since I left university, I’ve been selling my work through my company, Warploque Miniatures. Here I specialise in making unique, hand-sculpted and characterful miniatures for gamers, collectors and painters.

  • And this new Kickstarter, what was the inspiration behind creating a fantasy football team?

I have read a lot of articles at finance football to help set up and build myself for the game. I’ve always been inspired by Blood Bowl. As I was first getting into the hobby, when I was about 10 or 11, the greybeards who frequented my local Games Workshop in York would tell me about a game that GW used to produce, and show me pictures of the old sculpts. When GW decided to bring Blood Bowl back in 2016, I was delighted to see it return to the field. I always loved the humour behind the range, and that it was kinda separate to the main ‘grim dark universes’ that Games Workshop were so famous for.

I’ve been working on my own game, ArcWorlde, for over 6 years now. For a guy who has a famously short attention span when it comes to projects, that’s paramount to a Christmas miracle. Thus, I thought it was about time I treated myself to a new, and unrelated, project. Fantasy Football was calling to me!

Bigger Is Not Always Better!

  • I guess the natural follow-up question is ‘Why halflings?’ (Anyone who knows ArcWorlde will know that these are not Alex’s favourite things to sculpt!)

Aha! Well, for those who are active in the ArcWorlde community, Halflings are by far and away my most popular miniatures for the game. People seem to go mad for the little buggers, so it seemed only natural that I made them my first Warp Team Fantasy Football team. The Fantasy Football market is an entirely new and scary one for me. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to stick to my comfort zone in terms of sculpting until I build up enough of a rep in the community to start being a little more experimental with my sculpts.

  • Is the WTFFootball a part of ArcWorlde lore directly, or is it something completely new to Warploque Miniatures?

Ahhh, you see that’s a bit of a grey area. Originally, I started WTFF as an entirely separate range to ArcWorlde, mainly to have a break from it. Also, so I didn’t have to be limited by the races that (currently) inhabit the realm. But, as time has gone on with the project, people have been very keen to see the ArcWorlde races represented in WTFF. I might start to hint at some sort of link. Maybe? We will have to see…

  • What can we expect to see in the Kickstarter? Will there be resin and metal options or will it all be in glorious Team Huntley resin?

The WTFF Halfling Fantasy Football Miniatures Kickstarter is meant to be a nice little project to get the team into metal and resin. Unlike other Kickstarter projects, this won’t be a rambling, stretch-goal bloated beast. I’m trying to keep it pretty trim so I can get it fulfilled as soon as possible. However, the campaign has been immensley popular so far. I may sneak in a few more stretch goals. Oh, and the team will be both in glorious metal AND in our famous resin. We like to keep everyone happy here at Warploque!

When’s the Starting Whistle?

  • When can we expect the Kickstarter? Or might we already be late to the party?

The campaign launched at 20:00 BST on Wednesday the 15th of August 2018, and is due to finish at 20:00 BST on Wednesday the 29th of August. Tick-tock, tick-tock!

  • Which is your favourite sculpt out of the team? I see you’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on the treemen in particular. I adore the range of poses you’ve managed to get into those little guys!

Ahhhh, that’s a terrible question to ask a father! I would say the ones I particularly like are Mickey Muttonchop, Oakheart, and Billy the Mitt!

  • Do you already have other teams in the planning stages? Maybe you can give us a sneak peek no-one else has seen before?

Ooooh yes. I have lots more teams in the pipeline, but the ones you may see next include Lizardmen, Undead, and Underworld…

  • You’ve started taking on the painting responsibilities again for your models. Now that both sculpting and painting have become work rather than pleasure, which do you prefer?

I have really enjoyed getting back into painting again after so many years. I will always be first and foremost a sculptor. However, it’s nice to crack out the old paintbrushes and bring my figures to life!

  • Is there anything else we’ve missed that you’d like to tell us?

You’ve been an excellent interviewer, I think we’ve covered everything! But just another reminder – the campaign finishes at 20:00 BST on Wednesday the 29th of August. It’ll be great to see you there before the grand finale!

Good luck, and thanks for taking the time to speak to us.

Upcoming Post-Match Analysis!

At the time of posting, the KS has successfully quadrupled its funding target and is pushing for a few last gasp stretch goals). You can check it out here.

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