Blitz Bowl Review

Ever wanted to try out Blood Bowl but found yourself intimidated by all the rules? Maybe the big, full price box set was too much of a commitment without trying out the game? Then perhaps this is just what you need! Blitz Bowl is a new intro level board game from Games Workshop. The game is aimed at new players and seems suitable for near all ages. It also slots quite nicely for players who don’t feel that they have time to play a full game of Blood Bowl but love the setting. Using a mix of scoring touchdowns and achieving challenges victory goes to the coach who beats their opponent by 10 points.


The game comes with a double-sided gaming board and card dugouts for your teams. Also included are all the dice you need to play and two packs of cards. The first pack contains all the players cards for the models in the box. It also comes with stat cards for all the other available Blood Bowl teams. The second pack is the challenge and bonus play cards needed to play the game. Lastly, there are 12 models comprised of six human players and six Orc players. These are the same models that are in the Blood Bowl set and also includes the balls and tokens that come on the sprue.

The Gameplay

To win a game of Blitz Bowl you need to score at least 10 more points than your opponent at the end of the turn. This is achieved by scoring touch downs with players or by scoring challenge cards in your turn. Both coaches set up their six players in their end zone and then a ball is launched onto the pitch. In each turn coaches are allowed to use three actions on any of their players. These actions include run, throw and block but as well as Mark and sidestep. After each action you can check the challenge cards placed at the top of the board to see if you have scored any of the cards. The game carries on this way until one player out scores his opponent by ten or if the challenge deck runs out of cards. It has a play time of around 40 minutes.

After-play Thoughts

After playing a few games of this at my club what I can say is the Blitz Bowl is a quick, action packed and challenging game. I don’t play Blood Bowl so it is difficult for me to compare the two but Blitz Bowl is a great little pick-up game. Only having three actions really makes you think about where to spend them. You can score more points off the challenge cards so at times scoring touchdowns just goes out the window. When you score a challenge card you get to keep the card and use the bonus play on the back. These add a really fun element to the game. At one point there were three balls flying around the pitch, it was utter chaos!

End Play

This game should appeal to anyone who just wants a quick pick-up game that takes no time or effort to play. That is not to say that this game is not challenging. I am looking forward to trying out some of the other teams available to see how they play. I am also contemplating running a fun mini-tournament at the club. With games only taking thirty to forty minutes to play this would be an easy prospect. If Blood Bowl and you curious but you don’t want to pay full price, this might just help you to dip your toes. Until you can commit to the full long-play, of course.

Should you already have and enjoy the full-fat version of Blood Bowl, I’d imagine you’re not missing a great deal here. Unless, of course, you wanted a more bite-size version of your fantasy football. It’s great that you could bring other teams across, but I’d say if you’ve purchased the full experience there’s little need to wade into Blitz Bowl. However, should you have a friend who’s on the fence about trying Blood Bowl, this might be the best way to tag them in, coach!

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