The Lord of the Rings – Quest to Mount Doom

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that Games Workshop has been putting out a lot of content lately. Not just that but they’re also looking to cover all of its IP’s. Be it new collectible card games, more elements based on 40K (Kill Team, Necromunda) or the fact that a new version of Age of Sigmar has recently been released with new forces. However, this is the first Lord of the Rings release we’ve seen in some time, bar the release of the incoming Pelennor Fields box.

The Lord of Rings – Quest to Mount Doom is based on the ever-popular books by JRR Tolkien, though the artwork throughout is purely drawn from the film. This huge board game is aimed at 2-5 players and is supposed to last 35-40 minutes. As players, you get to play as one of the fellowship. Each player has his own special ability such as Sam’s extra movement to Legolas’ ability to re-roll for his movement.

How does it play?

Each game turn is very simple, as we’ve seen with these other boxed game releases recently. You’re going to be using 2-3 card types every turn. First, you’ll draw an Eye of Sauron card, this moves the eye and if it lands or is moved onto a player it forces them back to the start point. A dice roll will allow you to move from one location to another. Some areas are easier to move to and from than others and this will make you think about where you’re going to go. If the location hasn’t been visited you’ll draw the item card. Finally, you have event cards which can either give you more equipment or some sort of random event. A few of which will cause you to miss a turn, thus slowing you down.

The whole objective of the game is to find the location that the One Ring is hidden and then get that ring to Mount Doom. The game isn’t cooperative so it’s every Man, Dwarf, Elf and Hobbit for himself.  The Event and Item cards can allow you to steal items from fellow players, shift the location of players or the Eye of Sauron and various other tricks. Certainly don’t expect any favours from your fellow players, there’s no “Fellowship” in Quest to Mount Doom!

Our thoughts on Quest to Mount Doom

The design of the board, the miniatures and cards is typical GW style. High quality, full colour and really what you would expect of a company that’s had decades to master its craft. Unfortunately the game itself is a little flat and after 3 runs through you do wish it had a little more. Maybe the ability to play as the enemy trying to find the ring as well would be nice. But it’s still a great game to get out with friends and have a few beers. In fact, it might make for a fun drinking game itself.

If you love the world of Tolkien then then this game will likely tick at least some boxes for you. The miniatures alone are a good way to get players into the full tabletop game. Perhaps you’re looking for a fun game to play with your kids or to introduce them to Lord of the Rings. Should this be the case, there’s little to go wrong with Quest to Mount Doom. However, if you’re looking for something as rich and engrossing as the world in which Lord of the Rings is set, you’re likely better off searching elsewhere.

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