Windfinder the latest reveal for the Navigators Guild

Windfinder is the latest player reveal for the Guild Ball Navigators. What can she do and what will she bring to the Navigators team? Let’s have a look-see…

For an attacking midfielder she fulfills a “middle of the road” job. She’s reasonably good at moving the ball around whilst simultaneously not being that bad in the melee, too. In fact, this is all she is pretty much geared up to do.

Generating 4 influence at the start of each turn, you can allocate up to 6 to Windfinder and I think a lot of people might just do that. Six influence allows a good number of options.

On the Attack

Her play “Eye Spy” grants +2 Tac to the already reasonable 5 Tac dice you receive. If you are just out of charge range another 2 influence will give you an extra 2″ to your charge. If you include the melee zone of 1″ this gives you a threat radius of 11″. “Full Speed Ahead” will also allow Windfinder to charge for no influence cost. This means for four influence we have a free charge 11″ threat range and a hefty 11 Attack Dice.

This puts her in a very good place to cause some serious issues for your opponent, but we aren’t finished there. All the Navigators have Precise Calculations which allow a reroll of any number of dice during your attacks or kicks. Potentially, you could be looking at 3 wrap-around of the play book, a tackle, 4 damage and 2 momentum. This is not bad from one attack even with half successful attacks you can walk away with a tackle 2 damage and a point of momentum. Add to this that any hits caused from a character play will knock your opponent down. Get lucky on the first turn and you will still have two influence points to use, too.

Playing Football

Using Full Speed Ahead will let you get much further down the field, providing you have the ball and some momentum, you can even get that shot off. Even with a pretty basic 8″ kick and only two dice, with the Guild rule you can reroll your two misses. This means you should be putting goals away at almost the same rate that you are knocking your opponents down.

Overall I think Wayfinder is going to be a massive toolbox player. Windfinder should be able to fill any gap needed and pull out the stops for most situations. This could make her a very tempting target. Although a 5+ defence and 14 health should see her stay on the pitch for a good while. At least long enough to cause some major issues for your opponent.

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