Art of War Blacksmiths Tokens Review

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Whilst they were on sale I picked up a set of tokens for the Blacksmiths Guild from Art of War. The Blacksmiths are one of the newer teams for Guildball and a team I tend to have about a 50% success rate with.

With my reasonably acceptable win rate I thought I would splash out on some good quality tokens for them. I already have the hunters and Union tokens from Art of War so seeing then Blacksmiths on sale was great timing.

Weighing in at the cost of £17.49 they are reasonably inexpensive and quite durable. They arrived well-packed and considering the site was having a sale and expected massive delays, they turned up within a few days. A hand written thank you note on the receipt is also a lovely touch. It also came with a little sheet detailing some advice to make your tokens stand out a bit more.

The tokens themselves come in a ziplock bag with a bit of a label stapled over the zip part, so if need you can just carry them around like that. I would recommend one of the hobby trays, which you can pick up reasonably cheaply from so many places. There’s so many you’d not struggle to find some online, there’s far too many to list. The tokens are made of coloured 3mm coloured acrylic which looks great on the table.

When you open the pouch all the tokens still have the protective covering over the acrylic. Don’t rush to take it off though! There’s an easy way to make them look like unique, and make the writing and patterns stand out. You can paint over the tokens before you peel the covering off and instructions for a few ways of doing this are included with the tokens. This takes just a few minutes per token, and really helps make them to eye-catching.

For the price of these tokens they are incredibly good value for money. Also they will be much more durable than the cardboard tokens provided in the blacksmith boxes.

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