Dixie Ressurection Posse and Infernal Investigations Posse available for pre order.

This month its time for the Enlightened and Lawmen to shine as two great posse boxes have gone up for pre-order from today – and we know you’re going to love them. Both the Dixie Resurrection Posse of Annabelle Hamilton, and Infernal Investigations Posse, lead by Helena Miller, are set to be released at the end of July.

Oh, that’s not all, also up for pre order is Legendary Rani Nimue, previously only available at events attended by Warcradle Studios, and the newly remastered Great Elk!

Dixie Resurrection Poss

While a Peer of the Covenant of the Enlightened, Annabelle Hamilton’s first devotion has always been to the cause of the Confederacy of Southern States. She longs for any opportunity to throw a spanner in the gears of the Union of Federated States. Her hopes are that one day her dream of The South rising again will be realised through her actions. Often seen in the company of Captain Mackeye of the former Confederate Army, her erstwhile sawbones Wendell Lee, and three terrifying characters known as Unger, Donovan and “Bloody” Bill Anderssen. Most folks know that to see them in town means trouble isn’t too far behind.

The Dixie Resurrection Posse contains six multi-part resin miniatures.

• Annabelle Hamilton

• Bloody Bill Anderssen

• Wendel Lee

• Donovan

• Unger

• Ross Mackeye

Infernal Investigations Posse

Black hoof 20-20

With the constantly growing threat from unknown quarters in the West. A small unit known as Infernal Affairs have found themselves in high demand of late. Led by the indomitable Marshall Helena Miller this Posse are used to fighting, and defeating, the most unusual and terrifying opponents to Law and Order. Backed up by Furio Montoya, Jedrick Powell, Mercury Jones, Ida Saxon and Blackhoof 20-20. Marshall Miller tackles those missions that nobody else wants or is likely to come back from alive.

The Infernal Investigations Posse contains six multi-part resin miniatures:

• Helena Miller

• Jedrick Powell

• Furio Montoya

• Blackhoof 20-20

• Mercury Jones

• Ida Saxon

Both of these sets are available to pre-order now with shipping expecting to happen later in the month.

We have other WWX news here and with more new releases coming every month check back regularly for the latest news from Warcradle studio.

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