Miremarsh – Review

The UK Games Expo is finally over this year and I hope everyone enjoyed Kenny’s coverage of it all. The great thing about these shows is the fact that a lot of companies take their new games along for people to have a look at. I’m hoping people popped past the Room 17 table and took a look at what they have to offer. If you did you would have seen their up and coming Kickstarter Miremarsh (July 2nd).

For me getting a review copy of the game to try out has been loads of fun, here’s why –

The Game

The idea of the game is to get your Goblin from the centre of the board to the outer edges and complete a quest. To help you along the way you can collect spells, various items that give you more dice to roll and even pets. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, the marsh isn’t for the faint of heart and failing a task results in your goblin dying, The same can occur with the monsters you’re bound to find as well.

You don’t get a second chance and you really shouldn’t get attached to any of the goblins you end up with as they may not last long. To deal with the impending chance of the loss the game lets all the players take from a pool of Goblins worked out at the start of the game. Once yours dies you just take the next one reset back to the Warren and have another go.

At the start of each turn you roll an amount of dice based on those listed on your character’s card. These allow you to move, spy on tiles or monsters and fight. Doing these actions has you burn these dice. As your character moves away from the Warren in the board centre the traps and monsters you face increase in difficulty. Sometimes your best chance is to survive the mandatory task of each and be safe to carry on next turn. Remembering the perma-death of your goblin, items they drop can be picked up by the next victim…sorry, goblin.

Good Fun

After playing the game a fair few times with friends and even my kids I can say it’s not a game to take overly seriously. It’s loads of fun and getting upset because something has eaten your third consecutive goblin is not going to get you anywhere.

The game at present permits 1-5 players though it would be nice to see this go up to 6 being a nice even number. Hopefully, this isn’t too big of an ask.

Completion of the game occurs when your or another players goblin moves through the “fog of war style” tile activation and beats one of the quests at the far edge. At this point said goblin is crowned the Goblin King. Alternatively, if you are the last Goblin standing you could also claim victory. Since, you know, there’s no one but you alive to argue.

What’s in the Box?

The following was all included in my review copy. By the time it hits Kickstarter next month and comes out the other end it could all change.

  • Game board
  • 23 Custom dice
  • 12 Gobline Models. If you haven’t seen them check out the FB page or look at them being painted by Studio Giraldez
  • Swamp Location tiles
  • Monster tiles
  • Spell cards
  • Pet cards
  • Tokens for gold, bones, fish and equipment


Give us more tiles! This is potentially an easy thing to do and I’m hopeful it could occur via stretch goals on the Kickstarter. Although the inner area is 4 tiles you only have 6 options to pick from. Why not more? The same applies for the other areas and more monsters as well. It gives the game an even more vast replayability.

All in all, I really enjoyed the game and huge thanks to the guys for sending me a copy to have a go with. This will be another game I’ll be keeping an eye on when it hits KS next month. You can be sure we’ll be sharing bits as they are announced as well.

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