Siege Studios Essentials Masterclass

We all have different parts of our hobby that we may enjoy more than others. Some of us are budding generals who love the tactical challenge of the games. Others enjoy building and converting. For me it has always been the painting side of the hobby that has kept me hooked all these years. There is nothing better than sitting at my desk with an audiobook on while I paint into the evening. I am constantly trying to improve my painting. Watching videos, reading books and trying out new techniques all to try to push my level of painting. When I heard of the Essentials masterclass from Siege studios I felt that this was the next step I needed.

Siege Studios

Siege Studios are a commission painting company based in Essex. They paint a large range of models from tabletop to competition level and their standards are incredibly high. The EMC courses are run a various venues including Wayland games, Element games, Warboar games and more. It is a two-day course aimed at painters of any level. The course is based around a mix of face to face tuition along with technical theory.

Day 1

I rocked up at Wayland games in Hockley early Saturday morning. James Otero the owner of Siege studios was there to meet us and get us set up and ready to go. After a brief meet and greet we jumped streight into the first part of the course. James is a Golden Demon winner and has been in the hobby many years. What stood out instantly is his passion for painting and this became infectious over the weekend.

The first lesson was on basic airbrush use. James showed us how to clean and maintain an airbrush which he then used to paint a Rhino door. We were then sent off with a door of our own to have a go ourselves. We was given plenty of time to really have a go of what we had been shown. James was on hand giving everyone plenty of one on one time and support.

After lunch we moved on to painting power weapons. Once again we was given an expert demonstration from James. We was shown how to paint a sword using a range of techniques to give a smooth blend. Each of us took a weapon and eagerly tried to imitate what we had just been shown.

To round off day one we had a demonstration on the correct way to apply decals. We applied some Decals to our pristine doors ready to wreak them on day two.

Day 2

Day two started off with us learning how to apply various types of battle damage to our doors. This was a lot longer process as we was shown a number of different techniques. We was given ample amounts of time to practice each effect again with James giving plenty of one on one time.

After lunch was the skin painting lesson. Again, we were shown an easy and effective method for painting skin as well as how to paint eyes. To round off the weekend we were given two hours of open Q and A with James. He encouraged us to bombard him with questions which we did for the full-time. The subjects covered ranged from color theory to the best equipment to use.

At the end of the course I felt like I had learnt a tonne of new tips and techniques to try out on my own models. James is a great tutor and shows an absolute passion for what he does. I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their painting in any way get themselves on one of Siege studios EMC courses.

Check out Siege Studios next EMC dates here, also check out their commission painting service the models look incredible.

James is also involved in the Artis Opus series S brush set that you can still late pledge on kickstarter here. The brushes look awesome and being designed by a great painter the quality really stands out. When I manage to get my hands on a set I will ensure to let you know how good they are.

Keep checking in on Tabletop Games UK Facebook page to see how my painting comes along in the future.


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