Resinarium building bridges on Kickstarter

Launching today at 1400GMT (all going to plan) Resinarium will be opening their Kickstarter to launch their range of Bridges.

Scenery is something that I have been sorely lacking and roundly ignoring for the better part of ever since I got into the hobby. With the expansions planned on the website it’s something that I need to address not that I can hope to catch up with Jez, but here is hoping.

Why does this all matter to an article on Bridges and Kickstarters? After talking to a rep from Playmats a package arrived on the doorstep with some prototypes of Resinarium Bridges, admittedly one was broke but putting that aside they look fantastic, and after a few minutes with some superglue everything was fine.

These photos are of the Resinarium cobble style bridge. As you can see they are really detailed, and no my painting skills haven’t improved a thousand fold over night. That’s how it arrived!

The wooden bridge, which would fit very nicely on a Test of Honour board, or a similar style game. Is just as detailed and even has the green standing water stain on it.

Just for fun and to give you an idea on the size a photo of a Redemptor Dreadnought. You know a typical model that would fit well on a themed board. You may have noticed where I had to glue one of the sides on in the first wooden bridge picture. Having spoke to guys from Resinarium, after apologising, they have assured me that this wouldn’t be a Kickstarter issue as what I have been looking at is a prototype. The final pieces will be one piece casts so a problem like this is incredibly unlikely to happen. Also they will be shipped in a different manner to mine.

The bridges, taking into account they are 3 piece prototypes, still feel really solid, the final product will be much stronger. Being made in resin, they are lightweight, but not that light that they will slide everywhere as soon as you start playing a game.

The bridges won’t be the only part of the project as bridges always need something to go over so hopefully we will see some really nice river sections as well.

The cost for the bridges will be £59 if you want it to arrive painted and ready to go. If you prefer to paint it yourself the price drops to £37. You can buy a bundle of £149 for a pack of three. At the start of the campaign there will only be four bridges to choose from. As Resinariums kickstarter continues more styles including a sci-fi bridge will become available hopefully through stretch goals. I have been reliably informed that if you back within the first 24 hours you will receive a free gift which you will not want to miss. Please note that the prices for the kickstarter are in $ and I have converted the prices to Pounds so they are for a rough guide only.

If all that wasn’t enough to entice you, Resinarium is backed by Playmats.Eu and I have heard that there is a distinct possibility of being able to add there Playmats and 2d scenery to your Kickstarter order in the pledge manager.

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