Guildball and the Erskiri Wolves Come Down With World Cup Fever

From the 19th June to the 19th July Steamforged games are hosting an SFG Homeland Cup Event. They’re giving you the option to follow along at home via SFG Live on YouTube and Twitch. They’re also being as kind as to unleash the new Erskiri Wolves!

The Round One pairings are:
Ethraynne vs Skald
Maldriven vs Eisnor
Figo vs Erskirad (Home Nation)
Castellya vs Valentia

Guildball’s Comin’ Home

To celebrate this event they are releasing the Home Nation of Erskirad.

These players can be used as alternative models for their respective Guilds, or as a Erskirad Team in the Homeland Cup Format. The models will also come with limited edition cards, which as the collector within me salivating!
The Erskiri Wolves come forth to celebrate the Steamforged Games Homelands Cup. Apparently there’s some other football based tournament going on as well, but who cares about that?

These Erskiri Wolves guys are super limited Edition, available to pre-order during the Football World Cup until July 15th.
This Erskirad National team consists of Pin Vice, Mother (with 3 nest Markers), Hoist, Veteran Decimate, Meathook and Pelage in traditional football-style kits.

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