Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars has been announced

Usually I leave the Age of Sigmar stuff for other people to write about as it has never really grabbed me. Other than a few models which everybody thinks look cool. But then I had a look at what is coming on the shape of Soul Wars, and I must admit, temptation levels have spiked, just a bit.

There is something sinister and drawing to the new Soul Wars box set. I don’t know what magic was poured into the box set, but it’s working. Starting from the top this new box set looks like it will be the perfect way to jump into Age of Sigmar. The box is either going to be big or there is an engineering genius packing each one. Starting with one of only two AoS forces that catch my interest we have the Nighthaunt, the undead legions of Nagash. Coincidentally, he is one of the models that has held my gaze for a while. All the models in this box set have been redesigned to be push fit. This will allow you to play games from the box in record time, much like Shadespire.

These models just look great and inside the box you get all the Warscrolls to field these in great speed. I think the Guardian of Souls and the Spirit Torment look superb but the whole force just looks suitably corrupt and spooky. If you’re new to Age of Sigmar it makes a great starter force. If your’e already a follower of Nagash then it will act as a very well-calculated selection of reinforcements

As with the Nighthaunt the Stormcast Eternals are also receiving a hefty dose of new models. In the same manner as the Nighthaunt these can be used to start a new force or reinforce an existing one, and includes the first Stormcast Eternal Wizard.

As Soul Wars is primarily a two-player starter set there is even more in the box. Starting with dice in an eerie turquoise shade and a measuring stick as well. There is a Getting Started guide booklet which will guide you through your first few games if like me you are totally new to the game. Also included is the Battle for Glymmsforge which gives some details and background on the forces in the book.

If that wasn’t enough to entice you, the box set also includes the debut of the new edition rulebook. Not a pamphlet or soft cover book, but a full on hefty hardbook tomb. The rulebook is full of lore and history as well as the complete rules for Age of Sigmar. Each faction is represented as well, and is a perfect way to ‘catch up’ on the story so far.

Matched play as well as Open War are both covered with new battleplan generators included. As well as many new ways to make your games more fun, and increase the longevity of AoS.

Malign Sorcery

If that wasn’t enough Games Workshop have also announced a swatch of new products to go with the Soul Wars release.  Also coming is Malign Sorcery which will provide wizards with 13 new spells and models for some lingering spells as well.

You would think that the releases stop there, but somehow they don’t! The 2018 Generals Handbook is on the way as well, which adds more battleplans for matched play. It also includes an up to date points list for ALL Age of Sigmar models. The Handbook also expands on Narratives Play as well with new scenarios including air battles.


Furthermore, there are two new paints announced.

Hexwraith Flame and Nighthaunt gloom should make painting those new forces of Nagash an absolute breeze.

All these will be available to pre- order from 16th June and will be available in stores from 30th June. Check back with us over the coming week or two when we’ll go into more detail on the new products. As always, be sure to check back with our Facebook, too!

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